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07 April 2012


whoa, sorry.
caps lock c/o one 23 pound minion.

Because all I could conjure for a Good Friday post was a train wreck of an analogy to the Passion involving Sebastian, myself, and crying it out

(yes -- Sebastian playing an adult Jesus and myself playing Mary -- it made perfect sense and was probably bordering on blasphemous) I figured I should probably direct your valuable attention elsewhere ...

To see what we didn't eat for Good Friday breakfast but what other better mothers were whipping up for their offspring, go visit Colleen.

For some Good Friday thoughts on mothering that are forever more mature than my own will probably ever be, go see Ana.

To read how Johnny Cash can be tied in pretty perfectly to Good Friday, so see brilliant
Cari (via Catholic Exchange).

Unrelated to Good Friday but a great post on a smart and efficient route to better communication for all couples, run, don't walk to Farrah's post.

And for a moving and genuine reflection on the Passion of Christ head over here to see Hillary.


  1. Read them all. Your link posts are always so stellar!

  2. Simon Says, Simon Texts, Grace Mines the Internet for Gems So You Don't Have to. All of them are my favorite.

  3. Ummmmm, {{blushing}} thanks for the shout-out, but I only bought their breakfast at a local bakery. I wish I could make pretty things like that, but I'll leave that to all you more creative moms :) Happy Easter Camp Patton!

  4. I love that Sunday Meetings post...we could probably benefit a lot from that. Being married with two kids is hard sometimes!

  5. Johnny Cash is always a good idea.
    Confession: I was stuck in a traffic jam on the I-5 when the radio deejay announced his death. I cried.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Grace! Glad you enjoyed the post :)



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