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14 April 2012

You remember my brother Daniel? The one who recommended I try Fish Oil to both ward off any looming postpartum depression and try to save my complexion?
photo c/o the Facebook

If you're friends with me on Facebook odds are high that you're friends with Dan (short for Daniel) so these may be old news but I thought I'd share two recent status updates with any potentially unenlightened souls ...

I found them to be especially hilare because Dan in real life and Dan on the internet is pretty quiet - just like his older and shorter sister who enjoys recycling bits and pieces of the w cubed.

Happy inaugural day of the weekend.


  1. I would like to amend previous comments left on your blog. I would like Simon AND Dan(iel) to provide entertainment at your next cocktail party that I'm invited to.

    Unless one of them accuses me of PPD. Then I'll just cry and drink twice as much.


  2. Can he recommend anything for post partum hair loss because I'm suffering from that pretty badly? lol I wish I was kidding.

    1. Marjorie, I also have postpartum hair loss (hair loss ranking: EPIC), and a friend of mine told me to start taking megadoses of vitamin B complex.
      I've never actually taken my drain-clogging self to the store to test it out, but she's never steered me wrong on the things I do listen to.

  3. I wonder what kind of cereal it was? Too funny.



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