dad vs. mom

20 April 2012

a basic euphemism for:

good vs. evil
nice vs. mean
love vs. tolerance
"dada!" vs. grunt
fun vs. chores

Despite the fact that Julia is with me (diapered, clothed, fed, served, carried, bathed) 99.9% of her waking hours, she still obviously prefers Saint Simon to her Cinderella . . .
. . . a conundrum for the masses.

at lease she's in good company, I suppose.


  1. haha i love her jaunt in the first photo. so happpy to be with her dad.

  2. This is hilarious and I especially love the link to Suri, that picture cracked me up.
    Mike would totally be the favorite if I did not force him to lay down the law most of the time- he is still way more fun, but he is also more scary or scarier...

  3. i always wonder why i carry my kid for 9 mos, push her out of my person, stay at home with her, diaper her, breastfeed, i could go on...and then her first word is "dada"

    thanks, kid.



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