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05 April 2012

Contrary to the pretty picture I tend to paint on the blog I am not superwoman, supermom, or superwife. I am actually quite the opposite and have had my fair share of ugly breaking points; just ask poor Simon. Although Simon is the one that hasn't had a day off of work since the middle of February, I still manage to complain louder and longer about his job than he does which totally makes sense since he is actually the one being slave driven.

So yesterday after I sent multiple salty and completely nonsensical emails and texts ranting about heaven knows what ... Simon responded in an appropriate and cautious fashion ...

pregame* for my date with some ladies to read Style, Sex, and Substance.
How appropriate.

Obviously he was totally kidding -- I think.

*pregame definition taken from Urban Dictionary
n. To drink before going to a party. Often pregaming happens at the house and involves taking shots.
v. The act of partaking in a pregame.
1) We really need to pregame tonight before we go out.
2) I really pregamed heavily last night. I feel really sick now.


  1. I'm glad there's a word for what I do every morning before leaving my bedroom.
    "hang on, baby. Mommy's pregamming before the day starts."
    I'm pregnant- which means pregamming has to wait till noon.

  2. Grace, you can't fool anyone, we all know you're super women. Or wait, that's the Chia.
    But seriously, if Mike worked as much as Simon I would have already enrolled the children in day care- for real- you're a better women than me.

  3. I couldn't possibly think of a more appropriate occasion for Arbor Mist.

  4. Words can't describe how much I love this post. I really hope you decided to pre-game. If so, can I Skype in while you discuss the book? ;)

  5. Hahaha I love this! Pregamming is always necessary!

  6. Holy SHOULD pregame just so that Hallie skypes in and you will have the best. night. EVER!

  7. Thank you for introducing me to the use of "pregame" as a verb. I just subscribed to your blog's feed so that I never miss any such wisdom again.

  8. ha. i love it. pregaming always got me into trouble in college...and adult life.

  9. Both Hallie and Jennifer commenting on your blog? you must feel like a bloggy celebrity ;)

    P.S. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before so...hi!



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