21 April 2012

Since Simon is working, Julia is sleeping in her cage, the kitchen is being vinegar bombed (thank you ants), and Sebastian is passed out on my lap (lulling the bottom half of my body to sleep under the crushing weight of his person) I'll go ahead and over share about our trip to the park the other eve . . .
1. I've never met a duck that doesn't like carbohydrates but Julia managed to find one that refused to take her pre-chewed waffle fry. Idiot.
2. So she just ran around flailing her arms and talked loudly to herself. Idio- just kidding. Maybe.
3. Julia let Sebastian pour himself into one of her hoodies.
4. He loved it.
5. Julia sprinted into traffic but Grace valiantly saved her while holding a stuffed sausage and wearing a running skirt.
6. Simon was content to stay put, watch the chase, and guard the leftover ketchup packets.
7. We were entertained by a female hiker climbing up, down, and repeat the teeny hill complete with body sized backpack.  Not pictured but I'm sure she'll be featured in National Geographic scaling Everest soon.


  1. That picture of Sebastian makes me want to squeeze the living daylights out of a good way. Were you guys at Forest park? That's the only one I know... and wherever you were at looked really pretty. Which is always ruined by toddlers trying to throw themselves in front of traffic. Been there.

  2. That's it. I need a running skirt STAT.

  3. What is it about every child in the world that when faced with a vast expanse of wide open fields to frolick about in they will inevitably head for the street.

  4. The duck, oh the duck! hahahahahaha
    And I'm with Paige on Sebastian, and Cari with the kids. Seriously. If Tagg runs into one more street or parkinglot....

  5. I thought my Xander was the but your Sebastian is definitely in the competition. Let's compare stats and take bets.

  6. It's really important to guard the leftover ketchup packets! He sounds like your father.

  7. running skirt. i like it. maybe i can wear one with my hiking flats that my husband thinks are so dumb. i cant help it if i like to walk in style.

  8. hahaha! running skirt is the funniest.



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