Sunday Visitors

16 April 2012

1. inaugural meeting with Great Grandpa Pete
2. watching Paul's recruiting video
3. "Puppy" reading about mice at Christmas, naturally
4. "Puppy" and "Shhhhhhhh"
5. after his first taste of "almond what?!" in his coffee
6. my dad, Julia's mom, Sebastian's sister, Gary's grandson

My dad and his dad came to visit yesterday afternoon. It was Simon, Julia, and Sebastian's first time to meet (Great) Grandpa Pete and Grandpa's first time to ever (very reluctantly) try Almond milk in his coffee. Grandpa Pete told an off color joke involving an old man and a talking frog for me to 'put on my thing' (blog) but I think I'll keep things PG-rated for now. We'll see how I'm feeling later.


  1. how nice for your grandfather to be able to meet his great-grandchildren! three of my grandparents are still alive too and i try to take as many pictures of them with my son as possible!

  2. "almond what?" is my favorite. my dad makes the same face when we put coconut creamer in our coffee. have you tried that yet?!

  3. Just had Ken stock up on te AJC this morning. Can't be too well prepared, you know.
    Your last caption made my head explode. I'm really bad a genealogy. I blame my lifelong association with Ken, who is actually related to himself, thanks to a family member who married one sister, divorced her, then married her sister.

    And I'm going on record- Sebastian is adorable, and I'm with Simon, if you ate him, you know he'd be juicy, but Julia is my favorite. That is a girl who is NOT going to give it up for the camera just 'cause. She's going to make a person work to see the adorable (though she's letting it slip out in these series of pictures). I fully approve of that mentality for the future wife of one of my hoodlums.

  4. What sweet pictures to have! I wish I had picture with my grandparents and greats. Love, love, love number 5!!

  5. He knows what blogs are? My MIL calls it a "blah":0

  6. Adorbs all around! And, uh, holy moly your bro is good at basketball!

  7. Wow, your brother is rad! My favorite was the steal at around 2:24... haha! So awesome. :) I hope he gets to go wherever he dreams of.
    That top pic of Julia is so cute! I love her cute dress too!

  8. Not sure how it is possible, but Julia gets cuter and cuter with each post. Even when she is expressionless.



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