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31 March 2012

In the spirit of current events: sports edition... we dared to snap some happy photos in our Jayhawk finery ... and I've decided to be generous and share with the general public.

In order of better to best ...
While I'm not an alum of the fine establishment, Lawrence was the birthplace of our parents' courtships (and conversions) and eventually me and then Simone -- same doctor, same hospital -- different month, different parents.

You know you care. 

*in our gear this time last year


  1. I do care, I do! That is so sweet. Destined soul mates forevah!

  2. Wow the family pic looks great!

  3. those red skinnies are h.o.t.

    and your 5 month old looks like he could eat your 18 month old.

  4. Only the baby doll missing the chalk! KU ain't lookin' too good at the moment!

  5. rock chalk jayhawk!!! and you guys look adorable as usual :)

  6. WOOHOOO Rock chalk! Cannot wait for the game tomorrow night!

  7. That top pic is super cute!
    And I love how Sebastian is almost as big as Julia!

  8. i'm sorry i'm rooting for kentucky in the end. sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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