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09 September 2011

I'm not sure if my heart should be warmed or offended by the email and exchange that followed from and with my brother, Daniel, that dropped in my inbox this morning.

( of four fuzzy photos I had to choose from on Facebook...unlock your ship, Dan)

(particularly #19 well actually #'s 11 and 6 don't sit too well either)

Are you taking a fish oil supplement? (subject line)
If not, you should start... Consider this:
Read the whole thing but here are the highlights. I'll buy you your first bottle if you'll take it. 

#9 – Improves Brain Function In Babies
Studies have shown that the benefits of fish oil are numerous for infants when taken by a pregnant woman.
Not only do fish oil supplements promote brain development and macular health, the specific benefits observed through research are quite astonishing.
Pregnant women who took a high-quality fish oil supplement had babies with higher IQs and fewer learning disorders, and were less likely to develop mental retardation or cognitive delays.
Additionally, the Associated Press reports that some nutritionists believe that omega-3s are the primary building block for human intelligence, so babies who receive omega-3s through fish oil supplements when mom is pregnant and nursing are statistically likely to be more intelligent children and adults.

#11 – Reduces Post-Partum Depression

The benefits of fish oil are not only for babies when a pregnant or nursing mom takes the supplements.
While noted above that fish oil eases the symptoms of depression, post-partum depression deserves a category all its own because past treatments have either been ineffective, complicated or have required moms to stop nursing their newborns.
Fish oil is in a class of its own, since it not only reduces and helps prevent post-partum depression (if taken throughout pregnancy), but it allows moms to continue nursing, which is discouraged because antidepressants are not healthy for babies to ingest (via breast milk).
The Associated Press reports that this may open a new door for physicians struggling to help mothers eliminate post-partum depression and still breastfeed and bond with their babies.

#6 – Improves Your Skin

ocosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are two of the essential fatty acids (EFA) provided by fish oil supplements, and EPA is directly related to skin health.
The Journal of Lipid Research announced in 2005 that a few benefits of fish oil regarding skin condition are oil production regulation, increased hydration, reduced acne and fewer wrinkles.
EPA has also been proven to help protect our skin from UVA sun damage, which causes wrinkles, lines and permanent skin damage.
And there are probably many more reasons why omega-3 fatty acids help your skin look great that scientists haven’t even discovered yet.

#19 – Stabilizes Mood

The benefits of fish oil regarding bipolar disorder are significant in that those with milder forms of bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed with depression, and prescribed antidepressants, which not only have unpleasant side effects but can actually worsen the symptoms of bipolar disorder.
Additionally, those with milder forms of bipolar disorder that are properly diagnosed have limited treatment options available, and many have different yet still unpleasant side effects.
Jim Phelps, M.D., a leading mental illness researcher and respected psychiatrist, observed these benefits of fish oil in his bipolar patients and noted that their manic and depressive symptoms were greatly improved.
Grace Patton to Daniel

is this spam
and I'm a little offended by #19

Daniel S----- (scared of being Googled) to me
It's not spam! 

And I'm not saying anything about anything, but don't girls always worry about their skin? Also, if you'll read the full link you'll notice there's tons of stuff about weight loss and heart disease... notice I didn't highlight any of that for you.

But frankly your lightning fast reaction time leads me to believe you may be spending just a LITTLE too much time on the interwebs.... that could be a sign of depression.

Grace Patton to Grace Patton:
ha. I guess 2 parts warmed, 1/2 part offended.


  1. Hahaha! I love it! What a hoot :o)
    Btw, Ben always tells me that when I'm preggo he's gonna hook me up to a fish oil IV.

  2. You should listen to him as he is clearly the picture of health--choosing an entire vegetable tray over the other enticing entrapments at a picnic?! I could never have that much willpower!

  3. daniel is a smart boy. he knows you too well.

  4. hahaha oh my gosh this is too funny....and such a brother thing to do. Dannnnn......

  5. At least your sibs care! And is he posing with his very own veggie tray?

  6. How adorable! I'm glad to hear Dan is back into healthy and that he's concerned about his new niece or nephew. I'm all about essential oils! I would take him up on the free bottle and be grateful for his sweet concern.

  7. Haha, that is so funny!! (And something my mother-in-law would totally send to the hubs & I!) lol

  8. I would just like to say that I did my thesis on Post-Partum depression and I would like to take a look at the sources this article cited for #11 because I can't say I agree ENTIRELY, but that is very thoughtful of him :) You should take him up on the offer. But make him buy you one that is flavored.

  9. haha! that's the kinda stuff my brother does.... i've heard those things about fish oil, but the thought of it makes me sick (anything oily or fishy).

  10. Lol I got this in my email--the post, not an actual email, but I was confused as I scrolled down and it turned into the benefits of fish oil and then I realized it was the email your brother sent. So once I was back on track I totally would have been concerned that my brother was concerned too. It's like whoa, does he really think I'm like this. And then I might've sent him an Internet punch to the face. But that's all sibling love talking.



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