31 August 2011

I wish I was a little nursing cover factory so that I could make one for all zillion entrants...
maybe one day I will be and I shall do just that

Today's winner not only wins the cover but also the (coveted) prize for sweetest and most frequent comments here at the Camp

lovely commenter #19
 {long blonde hair~middle left}
photo thieved from her blog

I don't know if a nursing cover win qualifies you for a congratulations
but I'll throw one out there just in case it does

Thank you all for playing and contributing and being the best readers in the universe...
or maybe just the world.

Have a pleasant night.


  1. How exciting! Your first giveaway! I feel like this deserves some kind of special congratulatory blogger card :o) if only they made those!
    Also, that pic of Little J is too too too cute!

  2. foiled again! But congrats to Bridget and her new awesome homemade nursing cover! LOVE LOVE LOVE that congrats picture of little J... just gorgeous!

  3. Thank you so much Grace!! I am so excited!! This is perfect timing too!! And that picture of Julia adorable!



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