8 eyes and maternity pants

11 August 2011

My new spectacles arrived and it was agreed that Simon definitely rocks them harder, stronger and better
 than I do
 or maybe Julia beats us both
I don't know

hmmm...something equally exciting...what can I broach... gender poll resultage thus far:

the boy vote seems to be winning by a lot
I am 94% sure I am housing another girl but maybe pork will sprout wings and I'll bear Simon an heir
time will indubitably tell
and now some unsolicited maternity pants reviews

first up is a pair of work outy/loungy pants from Gap that I only take off to shower which is rare to never so basically they are my second elephant skin
they aren't technically maternity but they do s-----t-----r------e-------t------c------h
a lot
mustard on grey...poupon style
they also breathe well, are long enough for my average heighted self (66.5 inches on good days, 67 on betters), don't shrink in zee wash, have a turquoise waist band that can be easily hidden with a simple shirt wearing, take out the trash and detangle my hair
I highly, highly recommend purchasing..pregnant or not
(wait until Gap is having a 40% sale and snatch them up like I did)

the second pair is also from Gap
(of course they are compensating me to share my knowledge...I'm thee deal: biggie sized)
 I was fortunate enough to borrow a super fancy pair of designer jeans when I was pregnant with Julia
but these definitely outshined in all pertinent fit arenas
 if this photo doesn't sell you...
they didn't shrink when washed and dried, were long enough to rock with heels but short enough to cuff and not look weird and after a night of carousing on the town...the panel stayed put like a docile little doll
(the panel is the big over the entire bump panel which I am normally a hater of but this one...I tolerate and kind of enjoy)

so, information you never knew you needed but now you have folded neatly in your back pocket of love

This afternoon will serve as Simon's "weekend" so I am off to enjoy some nice family time
St. Louis will serve as our oyster, as always

Talk to you very soon...I'm sure.


  1. Cute glasses! This post just reminded me of how much I need to get a new pair. I have contacts and haven't bought a pair of glasses since 5th grade. When I got pink eye in college and I had to resort to that pair and it was one of the most stylish days of my life. I also have this fear that if something were to happen where I couldn't get my contacts refilled I'd end up getting eating by a bear or something since I'm blind as a bat.
    Thanks for the reminder! Have fun out and about tonight!!!

  2. You are skinnier prego than I am at my fighting weight. But I am a good Christian so I will pretend that I am not jealous at all! And grey with mustard is the most bestest color combo, truly :)

  3. Grace. You should definitely be a maternity model. I'll be your agent.

    Also, I'm glad I'm not alone in my lounge-pant enthusiasm!

  4. Oh! ANd I love your new specs!

  5. I love the new glasses! Super cute on all three of you ;) those stretchy pants look soo comfy!

  6. I love the glasses! The 2nd pair of jeans look great. I got a pair of Heidi Klum's "Loved" jeans from Motherhood. They are so great and could even be worn to work. Pricey, so I got them at Motherhood's outlet.

  7. Those glasses are awesome and adorable! I love Julia's pic, precious! :) And you are seriously, the. cutest. prego. ever!

  8. love the specs on all campers! and love the re vamp!

  9. in the nicest possible way... speaking of Simon, i don't know if I would trust a doctor with that crazy hair.... I'm assuming he grooms himself for work, but man his hair is wild on your blog!

  10. i dont think i would trust simon period. Crazy hair, crazy EYES, crazy wife.

  11. ...and i too, like the bloggy blog revamp.



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