01 September 2011

the wealth of goodness I could scald your pupils with today

how I'm definitely definitely swearing off sugar and starch tomorrow
how good I've gotten at baby wipe rationing even in the most dire of dirty diaper situations
how even my winter loathing self is dusting off and almost waving my autumn cometh now please white flag
how weirdly clingy Julia has become all of a sudd and how certain things have become painfully difficult to accomplish
(cracking eggs, cutting food for the clinger, showering, productivity, showering)
how much I enjoyed this article
how well I slept on the floor of Julia's room circa 3 am last night and dreamt about this book as she had free reign by palm and kneecap of the pitch black house (merely a minor crying it out setback that will be rectified tonight...mark my typed words)
how repulsed I am by how much Julia l-o-v-e-s to sneak and eat soggy dog food ... loves
 how repulsed I am by her breath after sneaking a pawful of soggy dog food ... repulsed
how much I'm loving Simon's September rotation
and how I didn't recognize my newly extra swollen reflection this morning 
(I don't think Simon did either but he was too tired and kind to let on ... little deer ... Bambistyle)
even though I'm swimming in all of this rich lettuce potential
I'll probably just subject you to another subpar alteration in a fewish hours
like I normally do

catch you then


  1. yucko to the soggy dog food! I've had the same repulsed reaction when my children have done that. You have to admit, she does look pretty content!

    That article was great, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. At 1st glance I thought those pennies were pieces of poop.

  3. wondering where roxy read about pennies in this post.

  4. What a wonderful article! Totally resonated with me and I have already thought of numerous others to share it with! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just bought a huge back of Science Diet if you want me to send Julia some. It's Large Breed Puppy...beef flavor. Trudy raves over it.
    Let me know and we'll Fed Ex it.

  6. @Jdel- Hilarious!

    One of my friends sat her child down in her highchair with a bowl full of dog food because she would not stop trying to eat it. After that, she never tried to eat it again. Shazam!

  7. What a great article and very, very true. Really. I've done much better with six, soon to be seven, than I ever did with one or two. I was a hot mess with my earlier children. Embarrassing actually, but oh well. I tell people that when all your littles are under five, you really are in the toughest part. Knowing that, I would definately have removed the pressure I put on myself and chalked it up as being a rookie and rolled with it. For example, if my oldest child would have thrown a fit (when he was two), I would have known I was a bad parent, looked on-line how to remedy his crazy behavior of fit throwing, and probably cried that night knowing I was ruining him. NOW, when my one year old throws a fit, I actually get a great kick out of it and don't ever think about it again unless I am acting it out again to show John how awesome it was.

  8. that book is literally one of the funniest i've ever read.



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