dying denim darker

04 August 2011

you like that cryptic post title don't you?

thought so.

I don't know if you've ever had the pleasure of shopping at Motherhood Maternity for denim but they have a very complicated sizing chart: small, medium, large and so on.

I wish I could say I appreciate the simplicity and understand their logic for such a system but my simpleton little brain does not. Last year all of their denim was whiskered and slightly sandblasted:
which I also didn't appreciate or understand ... call me crazo

I still have the tub of royal blue dye sitting out from when Julia and I did our inaugural arts and crafts project so I threw my whiskers in the tub for a few minutes, said a little prayer to the whisker erasing gods and hoped for some success

not completely erased but definitely better...especially in the white sand arena

(do you like my new Talbots shirt? Totally million degree weather and sweat stain camouflage friendly...more on the plaid next week...I assure you)

 too boring?

should I spice things up and tell you what our little 10 month old has been up to?

just chopping down forests

and being scandalous as ever
sizzle, sizzle.

exaggerated wave,


some overheards when Simon was bathing and watching Julia last night:
"Julia, I'm really sorry for dropping you on your head."
"Daddy weighs the fats!!"
"Do you have ugly teeth? That's okay."


  1. Julia the Lumberjack - I like it! Nice work on the jeans too! I never thought about dying them before...that's a great idea!

  2. LOVE the talbots top! who knew?



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