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13 August 2011

Just some items of bisnass you don't need or care to know but I'm reporting anyway...Saturday night live edition (which yes, is basically the same as Friday....same attendants....same place....same hairdos...different attire)

probably the most exciting in the late breaking department is that we are slowly transitioning Julia from her little formula addiction to a soy dependent state.
 The cost of formula was robbing us of the near equivalent of a second mortgage payment every month and was really cramping my Goodwill budget's style and smells putrid so something had to be done. We tried introducing cow's milk...whole style but it was a disaster for a lot of reasons that I won't get into (involving rashes and diapers...a lot of gross diapers) So far, so good a few days into the switch ... I'll let you know if anything changes so you can just sit back from the edge of that seat you're about to topple out of.

 Another exciting development is that Julia has become a serious lover of the written word.
She pours over passages of Curious George and The Puppies, Goodnight Moon, Corduroy and her absolute fave, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear (which Simon can impressively recite from memory in an emergent situation).  She often reads them out loud in her native tongue of whisper-to-yell-back-to-whisper-jibberish. It just might be her most endearing quality to date. 

I'll leave you with a clip of Julia and Lucy from tonight...I'm not sure if Lucy enjoys Julia's antics but I'm loving the little surrogate sibling role that Lucy selflessly plays on a daily basis. I owe her hugely.

sleep tight.


  1. That video warmed my heart. How sweet is little Lucy? :o)

  2. Annabelle does the EXACT same thing with my moms little dog. I might have to hop on/try the soy milk swap because I spend more money on formula and gas to get formula than on any other bill we have. ridic.

  3. Her jibberish reading out loud- I know just what you mean. Love it!

  4. Hope the switch continues to prove a positive thing for the bank account and for baby's belly:D
    That vid made me smile. So precious.
    Loving the new blog layout!

  5. So sweet! We read Emme that book every night, too! She is more interested in eating the pages than inputting her own gibberish...but I tell myself it's all the same!

  6. ohhhhh.....wowwwww.....oh the video is my favorite thing OF THE BLOG of ALL THE POSTS....I love it...oh my goodness wow as if I wasn't already hankering for a trip, now I'm DYING for one! She's growing up so fast....



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