31 weeks

30 August 2011

Julia's nose has been a straight hydrant lately (not pictured, you're welcome). The kind of hydrant that constantly runs down her face and bubbles and smears. I blame the formula consumption and medicated birth. She is otherwise asymptomatic but its actually really gross and should stop me from taking her out in public because I am 100% positive that anyone without kids takes one look at her and thanks the heavens they don't have kids or is reaffirmed in their decision to not have kids. Sorry J. I only tell it like it truly is. 

Onto the other little angel.

This week I'm either suffering from some serious early onset dementia or pregnant brain. Maybe both. I drove to the store for the sole purpose of buying milk and came out with hot dogs, ice cream and graham cracker Goldfish (one of these items in bulk). I put my goods in the trunk, drove off with the trunk door ajar and wound up in a Home Depot parking lot very far from our house wondering why Lucy wasn't doing her usual bark greet. I then came home to unload the hot dogs into my bottom dresser drawer. I also cut my hair to nostril length to match Julia's style. . .just kidding. . .we've been letting Julia sleep with our sharpest pair of hair cutting scissors because she insists and we are softies so they were unavailable at the time of wanted said chop. 

There has also been a lot of growth this week...
{you can see my new layer of neck hair peeking out...side rat tail style-keeping it really real}
moreso than normal as I've even had to dip into someone else's wardrobe
just kidding again! He looks awful in puffy sleeves and stripes

I see that the boy or girl poll is neck and neck/fitty-fitty. 
We'll see who is correct in nineish short week. 

Hopefully not everyone. 

Now I'm going to make and eat this for dinner. I might share with Simon...I might not.


  1. Is it allergies or a cold because my baby has this same nose problem you speak of. It's gross and I'm running out of places to wipe the snot out in public, i.e. if I don't have a tissue and use my hand I'll wipe it on the inside of my pocket or if I know it won't show, on my clothes...yep, it's true.

    How'd that food turn out? Sounds yum.

  2. i'm so glad i found you! you and your blog are so fun! you had me laughing.


  3. the double whammy with the pregnancy+mommy brain... ugh, I've been there!

    yea! for 31 weeks! It's always exciting for the single digit (week) count-down!

  4. allergies! Annabelle has it bad too...and so does every other kid under the age of 18 months I know.. at least she looks happy!

  5. Oh my goodness, you're the cutest preggo I've ever seen!! And you're hilarious! I'm so happy I found your blog! =)

    My Little Miss is 14 months and she is the same way these days. Red eyes, disgusting runny nose. In fact, yesterday when I got to work I reached up to scratch my face and found dried snot on my cheek. I'm sure I was all kinds of attractive. lol

  6. You are the queen re-mixer. I need to learn your ways. You are looking stunning my friend. And I missed out on your awesome giveaway. grr.

    :) I seriously can't tell what you are having?! Can't wait to see what little babe is going to show.

  7. i'm going to get kicked out of my office for the amount of giggling i just did.



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