bracelets and baby talk

03 August 2011

During our crafting sesh yesterday, Julia and I made friendship bracelets using this clever tutorial
 well, Julia opted to do a little fashion throwback and rock hers as an anklet so I guess we made branklets
this is a totally baby friendly activity as Julia managed to only ingest the recommended serving of two diamonds and had no problem manipulating the thread with her slender phalanges
 so there is that

and now as an exciting filler I will provide you with a list of of Julia's most recent snacks:
teeny fingernail clipper parts from the carcass of a clipper she dismantled
dog food (always)
my razor (equal parts gross and scary and fingernails on chalkboard just typing)
the corner of the very tall door frame she managed to dislodge in it's entirety
the toilet seat
a large gulp of shampoo

yes. yawn away.
On a quest to meet people here in St. Louis, we ventured downtown to the Basilica last night to a Mass for Catholic doctors. Unfortunately, we made up 3/8 of the congregation (literally...we are three and there were eight people total....priest included) but rallied from our disappointment and went to Five Guys with one of Simon's fellow interns who told me about a delivery from earlier that day. Apparently it was the lady's 10th baby and when she stood up from her hospital bed the 8 pound baby just sort of...fell out...the husband luckily caught the head in time with a t-shirt and the mom and babe were just fine post delivery ... so ... all was well there. 

I know you wish I had more love to share but I'll end here with the promise of more mediocrity tomorrow or maybe later today. 

keep warm,



  1. i made one too!!! (a bracelet, not a baby FALL OUT of my .. ya.)

  2. I posted about these a few weeks back. They are too cute not to get crafty..except I have yet to make them!

    Okay and the baby story??? That is one of my fears so now that it is confirmed that it can happen I am no longer going to stand during labor of future births.

    Hope you are feeling well this week in the hotness of the STL!

  3. It is surprising how similar the items are that both Julia and Trudy have consumed. We have at least 2/3 of that list covered here. Silly girls! Perhaps they should be diet pen pals.



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