lions and thomas and a skirt, oh no.

10 August 2011

 encounter of the morning
I never know if I should strike up a convo with the parent swinging their child directly next to me and Julia at the park. I just feel the awkward silence welling up inside of me ... swing....swing...swing...swing....we are so close together and not talking....swing....swing....swing....swing....awkward no teeth smile and nod.....swing...swing....swing....
Generally a polite inquiry regarding the age of the child (always twice Julia's age and half her size) is met with a grunt or more polite conversation so....I just never know what to do. Today I opted to be friendly and asked the age of the boy swinging next to Julia and was met with a hearty guffaw and, "how much does she weigh?!?!" when my fellow pushing parent learned Julia wasn't even a usual. Directly post exchange and without skipping a beat the mom started to roar...with all of the ferocity and volume of a real live lion...and then alternated with a little kitten meow and repeated...and repeated...and repeated. It was obvious her son was amused and used to the charade but Julia and I both stared wide eyed and are still laughing about it this afternoon.
Sorry, Julia. The roarless and meowless deprived childhood of yours will just have to do. 

worth sharing?
probably not. 

Meanwhile back in normal parenting world...
Julia is slowly but surely growing a little party down her neck
so Simon and I threw it into a little Thomas Jefferson last night
which might explain why she was called, "good sir" by a passing stranger on our walk last night
or maybe she will be mistaken for a boy for the rest of her years as an earthing...who knows.

 I only aim to underwhelm with my alterations....and underwhelm I will

I don't know what I was thinking when I purchased this Banana Republic charcoal jersey hip slung skirt back in 2004
the camera loves me and Simon's profile and fluffy hair
maybe it was the attached reins? rope in case of emergency? hip tails? that sold me
 Simon trying to be a helpful photographer but only showing off our rocking chair baby gate and um...that's it
I predictably snipped the belt carnage and just a sewed a new seam up the back to bring it up from hips to ribcage
 took a shower, left my hair in its usual fit of nests and strapped on some hooves to showcase
underwhelmed gasps from all 

and now Julia and I are going to make these (hold the greens...add extra ketchup) for a late snack and an early dinner

carry on with your bizzy...



  1. "The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!"

  2. We were gone for 2 weeks on a road trip and so I just spent the past hour or so gorging on ice cream and catching up with you and Miss J and giggling like crazy. Love it! Aaaaand, I just realized we passed right through your town. Dang. It. If I had turned my brain on previous to our travels we really could have had a play date for Miss J and Mr T. Haha, all well. You look adorable! Congrats on the 3rd trimester!

  3. so i love your long hair, it really makes me miss mine...



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