27 weeks

02 August 2011


You are definitely going to be subjected to a weekly glut of pregnancy fun. But don't worry...rather than reporting the objective truths like how long the baby is (14 inches) or what type of produce the baby is emulating (head of cauliflower) or what new trick the baby learned this week (finger sucking)...I'll be giving the cold, hard subjectives revolving around how I feel. 


differences between this pregnancy and the last:
I've gained roughly .1-.4 pounds less than I did with J so far, pointier bump, don't require 2 nightly ice cream cones layered with chocolate ice cream and straight honey peanut butter (assuming this is directly related to my .4 pound victory) and I'm one year and one month older this time around

running, not running, drinking water and showering

(not wearing a nightgown...but two points for the educated guess)

masked and hungry,



  1. I have changed my guess to another girl Patton.
    I am not even pregnant and am craving all the things you mentioned.. maybe I should get pregnant again so I have an excuse to eat them and get fatter.
    Serio G... you look amazing... I would kill to have your stomach NOW... almost 10.5 months POST baby.

  2. 27 weeks! wow getting closer and closer! (and looking good in that maxi!)

  3. Does the 21 day challenge count if you skip showering and cover it up with a false sense of looking nice?

  4. Ooh, that 21 Day Challenge sounds intriguing! I need some serious motivation to avoid the stay at home mom look...esp. since my only excuse is a puppy.
    And you don't look like you've gained any weight at all...just a cute little bump! I hope that I'm that lucky one day!

  5. Grace that is a beeeeautiful photo of you! I think you are holding back some of your hair tricks from us.....

  6. Grace, you look amazing! Definitely my pregnancy role model:)

  7. you don't look like you've gained an OUNCE! lucky duck.

  8. you...are...beautiful! And I love your hair in a braid. I can't believe how much Julia has grown up! Oh my little one...

  9. Thanks for making me usual! You look quite amazing pregnant, I think any and all weight gain is pure baby. Crap...I didn't mean to say you would have a huge baby...

  10. you are GORGEOUS in the 27 wk photo. geez.



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