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18 August 2011

Sometimes I reallllllly, reallllllly want to respond to your comments via email but I come up against this:
(sorry Kelly Jo... I'm singling your pretty bottom out)

If you've done this on purpose and don't want me to pelt your inbox
well then, carry on and be merry
but if you aren't opposed then read on
(I'm basically copying Kayla's crystal clear tutorial)

go to your Blogger Dashboard like so:
 click on 'Edit Profile'

and then click on 'Show my email address' 
(and make sure the correct address is linked)
and then I'll be sending oodles of ♥'s your way each and every day


ps -- for new not user friendly blogger interface ...

go to your blogger dashboard ( and click on the teeeeeeeny tiny little black arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner

when you click the teeeeeny tiny arrow a drop down menu will appear and you want to select 'Account settings'

and you'll be swiftly taken to this screen where you simply click 'Edit' to change your address from a (frustrating!) no-reply to your actual email address

look at your day's productivity already.


  1. Haha, I had no idea! Problemo fixed! Looking forward to lots of <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

  2. In the last two days I've had like 10 comments in a row from people with no email attached to their annoying! I was strongly considering doing a post of this nature too. Maybe I will, but just lazily link to yours and Kayla's and a few others I've seen around the blogosphere :)

  3. First, thanks so much for mentioning my blog; I'm glad you have enjoyed it enough to share!! Second, I'm now a bit cooler and have my profile "fixed". I don't know how you made the hearts but right back at ya!

  4. Yes! Hopefully all users of the blogosphere will hop in the hearty love love email address bandwagon! You know how I love to talk your eyes off :)

  5. ha. you're a nut. and i like your specs.

  6. I went to check mine but since I have the new blogger layout I can't figure it out. :P

  7. Any idea how (or if it's even necessary) to do this if you have a WordPress account? I haven't even figured out how to get my comments to display my name rather than the blog's name... (Newcomer to the blogging thing here.)

  8. This is a great post, thanks for being so honest and open, despite how negative some people are. As a married Catholic in my twenties who has practiced NFP long-term to postpone pregnancy I know many people need to hear the message you're sharing, including me. And I have never gotten the impression that you're not a happy mom or that anyone should be scared to have more children based on your stories. I love the stories and often read them out loud to my husband as if you guys are our next door neighbors who we've known for years. I'm really sorry to hear about your pregnancy test, you're in my prayers!

  9. Can't. Figure. It. Out. My blogger/google profile looks different. Hopefully I'm not anonymous because I now have a blog crush on you

  10. Can't. Figure. It. Out. My google/blogger profile looks different from the pictures. Hopefully I'm not anonymous cause I have a big blog crush on you...



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