peek-a-boo and purple

06 August 2011

Obviously our Saturday night shenanigans are rivaling that of our Friday night revelry with a title like

I know she has no idea what she is really doing but this is still a nice way to pass the time over and over and over and over again
and if you're feeling lazy...

this is the basic gist
(spoiler alert!!!!)
she has been very anti-shirt lately and of course I never dare to encroach on her creative freedom or her sense of style. ever.

anyway...lets talk about me me me me me me me and my sense of style
you may recall these pants
(because they most certainly recall you)
they fell victim to a little bleach splotching when I was bleaching something important like my running socks and dust rags
They are some of the last of the non-maternity Mohicans and I really needed them to straighten up and get their act together so I tried dipping them in my royal blue vat that hasn't stopped giving

the bleach spots mostly vanished but the overall result was a nauseating color of moldy blueberries 
 which I thought appropriate to pair with a bright hue of raspberry topping and my most indifferent baby accessory
maybe some make up next time would be a wise idea...we'll see. 

and now...I'm going to do something I'm sure. Something very important and very exciting. 

but before I go...some shareables:

c/o like celeb gossip? you'll love this gem
Congratulations!! and I couldn't agree more



  1. Julia is sososososo cute!
    Loved Suri's Burn Book too! What a hoot!



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