sibling spotlight

23 August 2011

 Bear with me for 37 seconds while I jot some things down in my brag book.

We all know that if it wasn't blogged about, it didn't really happen. 
My three oldest (still younger though) siblings have recently accomplished blog worthy feats.
  I know my humble share the goods with you interested and captivated folks. 

We'll start with the oldest and work our way down...

Daniel ... age 26
(who seems to have his Facebook photos on serious and annoying lockdown. I was really hoping to share my favorite toga time maybe)
was recently accepted into Georgetown to get his Master's in Public Relations and Corporate Communications and perhaps the best part about the whole thing is that his employer is generously picking up the tab
kudos and bravo

Emily ... age 22
(also a disappointment in the photo relevant photos so I had to go with a photo in which I'm assuming she is bridesmaiding least hopefully thats the case with the bouquet and the hot pink ruffs, nails and twin)
is wrapping up two months of hard work as a World Youth Day intern in Madrid, Spain. Unfortunately, I think I'm more jealous than proud of her endeavor. 
Emily, a curtsy perhaps?

Paul ... age 18
(was lucky enough to have a shot on my phone handy)
(let me see if I can say this correctly and natural sounding)
(say that one time fast)
Because I am the furthest cry from an athlete...I am equal parts proud and impressed. 
improud or simply pressed, I suppose. 

A round of e-applause for all three Seaton studlings
and some exclamation points from my perch on the sidelines for good measure

also I'd like to give a special holler out, honorable mention and smaller photo to 
Peter ... age 14
 (he is nonpan on left)
for recently becoming a follower and commenter of Camp Patton
I appreciate the support and business, Pedro

(Andrew (16) and Sarah (12)...I'm still proud of you...maybe just a little bit less so
just kidding ... prom)

older but ne'er wiser sister Grace

Pregnancy report coming up in a jiff...yip to the eeeee.


  1. congratulations emily, daniel and paul! that is great for daniel. who would have thought shy quiet daniel would be so excellent at PR and communications....or maybe he was never that shy, just annoyed and disgusted with us? Understandably so.

  2. dangit, after reading this post I need to revisit my bucket list and start accomplishing stuff again. Serious congrats and awe-struckness go out to the Seaton clan!

  3. hahah...."nonpan" it. Pedro comments now? How sweet. Yay for the Seaton sibs!

  4. I 2nd your jealousy on World Youth Day. How amazing is that???

  5. Your parents must be uber proud!! All awesome accomplishments!!

    PS - Sorry for the tease yesterday ;o) Hopefully it won't be too long though until it's the real deal! :o)

  6. I love the shout outs! if my siblings didn't think blogs were stupid, I would do the same. But I have a feeling it would go unnoticed.



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