27 August 2011

skip if you don't like whine. really. 

Simon is wrapping up a really great month of working weekend nights
 {photobooth debauchery}
(to be encored by a very generous helping of Labor Day weekend hours...Julia and I are free to lease for social events, gatherings, general revelry and conviviality ... we come cheap but we won't be separated ... sorry ... I'm clingy) on top of the obvious grueling weekday schedule and while I'd like to use run of the mill negativo adjectives such as, horrible, awful, terrible, awful, horrible etc...I'm going to go ahead and pull out my bigger guns and tell all you who care and are still reading that it has been a nightmare, a daymare and an overall loathsome experience. I'm insanely paranoid and convinced that sans man of the casa, we will be preyed upon, robbed, killed, worse...etc.  Lucy does a decent job guarding and protecting our honor but even she needs a few minutes of shut eye (singular) understandably as she is only canine. After a healthy night of obsessive lock checking, mediocre Hulu surfing and blog perusing, usually around 4 or 5 I am able to trick myself into a few five minute intervals of sleep but by the time Julia wakes up around 6 or 7... things get kind of ugly as Simon comes home and very understandably needs to crash after his crazy nights of baby catching, grumpy nurse dodging and barky attending avoiding. Julia is ready to carpe the pudding out of the diem and no amount of chocolate creamer can rouse any sort of seizing spirit in my tired woeful soul.  I may or may not be guilty of wasting prayers to beg if it might be too much to ask that Julia sit contently for the entirety of a 90+ minute age appropriate film while I try and catch up on some sleep. (almost done...promise...although I suspect I am now typing to an audience of um none) As my fatigue level rises, my Braxtons become more frequent, angry and lengthy which isn't a monstrous deal but just sort of an annoyance. 
Endddd long narrative complaint.
I feel better already. 

cleansing exhale

With that said (Chris Harrison style)... 
we have been making the most of our Sunday evenings after we've all sort of recovered from the long nights and nap happy days.

We've been packing unimpressive picnics to take to the biggest park on the planet followed by a nice walk and healthy dose of people watch/staring.
silver lining be mine and ours...not yours. 

sleep/wake tight.



  1. Oh Grace! I'm sorry. Big hugs! I hope you can get some good 'ol fashioned knocked out with a frying pan shut eye soon.

  2. Hey I'm your latest follower. (and fellow Catholic mumma too. ) Love your humour and your pregnancy alterations. Hope the rest of your weekend is whine - free... although c'mon, when you're preggers you're ALLOWED to whine. ;)

  3. That is rough he is working so much right now. Thank goodness for blogging so you can vent, right? Just think.. pretty soon you'll have two and in a few years they can entertain eachother while you rest and/or eat doughnuts ;)

  4. By the way, I just read your about me (again) to remember what Simon did and why he was at the hospital so much.. OB/GYN intern no way! How handy is that for all these babies you're makin?! haha.

  5. Girl - can you get an alarm system installed? Please? That kind of worrying/lack of sleep is the last thing you need while cooking up your little yolk.

  6. Grace, I know how you are feeling. I also know those words are probably super helpful. (not)

    anyhow, about the time I got preg. with our last baby hubs quit his job, started his own company, and to make ends meet got a night shift job. I saw him very little. He did this for at least year (if not longer) and it was not exactly fun... it was hard. If he was home he was sleeping. Sunday was the only day we actually functioned as a whole family. For lack of a better word, it sucked.

    In short, you're going to make it. And so will Simon... I'm sure it's hard for him too. You aren't whining or complaining... just expressing how you feel.

    Sending lots of hugs and your way!!
    and, yeah, maybe find an alarm system so you can get more than 5 minutes of sleep.

  7. at least with loneliness and hardship comes some damn fine writing. love this post. especially the part about lucy's singular eye. seriously, keep writing this stuff out, it's great.

  8. I'm right there with Jdel.... "shut eye (singular)" me laughing to the point of crying in front of my husband who has no idea what to think of me. OH man. LOVE YOUR BLOG.

  9. Oh girl, I feel for you - nothing wrong in saying it: nightfloat can be the PITS. And my dog barks only at false alarms. Several near heart attacks on my part that month. Keep making the most out of those Sunday evenings... the way to stay sane!

  10. If your up on the internet, I got a few funnies for you to watch if you've not seen them. Go to YouTube and watch "Stuart and the Babysitter" and then watch "Bon Qui Qui at Burger King." Funny Stuff IMO. God Bless.

  11. Sorry it's "Bon Qui Qui at King Burger"



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