26 August 2011

I don't know why but after every OB appointment I always feel like I deserve a treat. A food treat. A sugary food treat. A fattycakes sugary food treat. And as the appointments get more and more frequent, the treat trips obviously have to follow suit. It doesn't matter if I weigh in at seven pounds heavier than my clock in the two weeks prior (which of course has never happened)...I still feel like I deserve something special. 

Today after I got home from my appointment I sat and thought about doughnuts that a certain reader had mentioned earlier this week and got right back in the car, drove to a local doughnut shop (as opposed to that foreign one down the way) and bought six doughnuts to split with Simon. I had four...he ate two. Fair. I still wasn't even kind of satisfied so I Googled, "how to make fatty doughnuts like a pro without shortening but with glaze out of milk but have soy milk". My fair Google answered swiftly and soundly and a few pretty hours later I had these...
 I know they don't look good to me now either

I sent some in with Simon for the night crew at the hospital. I suspected he would (understandably) leave their ugly selves in the car but he sent this photographic evidence that he indeed left them out...
 complete with foil gown still modestly draped

I think you're eyes are bleeding by now so I'll leave you alone for the time being.

oh I won't.
Julia, Simon and I did go to a new to us part of town today which was fun. A farmer's market complete with produce and produce and produce. 
 and a sign begging to be photographed by stereotypical p-a-r-e-n-t-s
(I think the van adds a nice splash of old fashioned class)

We didn't buy anything but we felt like green and responsible St. Louisans strolling through the fun
and for good measure a snap of Julia on the way home
1. stillllll working on independent bottle feeding
2. her omnipresent safety blanket in car: massive ice scraper
3. shielding drums from mom's Britney...or was it Lady Gaga?

and before I traipse off...some St. Louis lingo I've picked up:

a Sundae (as in ice cream) is not pronounced Sunday but actually Sun-duh. 


  1. Haha! I can't believe you didn't go-nuts for those do-nuts. I thought they looked great and I must have the recipe.
    Julia seems to be making fine progress because she is actually touching the bottle. Also, I love the bow! She is already a successful business woman! Awesome

  2. Ha! you are a googling queen! i think you're donuts look brilliant. i too had some serious donut cravings-a-la-pregnancy, but mine were always for the powdered sugar variety

  3. Julia is a girl Paul, that's all there is to it. The ice scraper as comfort is familiar :)

  4. haha ok so I'm confused.. the doughnuts in the picture you made?! Geez! They're so pretty. I like the picture of Julia by her market.. she looks so enthused, haha.

  5. You totally deserve a treat after OB Appointments. Because if they're not sticking something up your pajingo they're talking about something coming out so...treat. They SHOULD buy you dinner first but that's not their deal. Jerkfaces.

    Freckles in April

  6. Those doughnuts look yummy...I didn't even know that you could make doughnuts at home! Shows how new I am to this housewife business.

    Btw, today Ben and I had 5 Guys for dinner and it made us think of you. We miss you guys :o(

  7. gosh this makes me giggle so muchae.



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