Nice Saturday

20 August 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled Saturday night date photobooth date starring Julia's stomach of steel and general merriment.

We had a nice day here despite the fact that Simon needed to sleep a good chunk of the day after a rough night at work, Julia confused the solace of the bathtub for the safety of her diaper (first and last time please please please) and a diaper run turned into a long and wild hunt for Julia's kicked off left shoe at the busiest Target in all of the land. I was craving chicken and soybean macaroni and I made it...and we ate it and it was fine. Probably never again need to propel Simon into sainthood at such a tender age. Julia was entertained for 12 solid minutes by a perplexing ice cube on the floor which was nice. And it rained ... which was also very nice.

Big picture bright sides: we are more than 1/2 way finished with this brutal rotation, always have to address the weather which is cooling down and becoming more conducive to leisurely evening strolls (and we've made the bonus genius discovery that carrying a grocery sack with a pine cone inside gets us out of cleaning up after'll never know if I'm kidding...will you?), Julia has finally mastered changing her own diaper and disposing of it outside in the big trashcan and my heartburn has been mercifully only flaring after every other meal as opposed to it's previous roost after all eight of my daily squares. 

Bright, bright, bright.

In other news, Julia and her first birthday are separated by a mere month. She has requested one moderate sized bran muffin with extra margarine (melted) for the occasion, no presents and promises to erect a cribcage bunking contraption to share with the baby in a month's time. Little angel.

And here is where I let go of your hand with promises of more jollity to come tomorrow. 

ah! an important post post: thank you thank you for the star scar support comments. They are genuinely appreciated, printed and pocketed for future rudelings. 



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