29 weeks

16 August 2011

good afternoon
You'll be pleased to know that Julia's new favorite food is a nice warmed casserole of kidney beans and hot dogs served over a bead of fresh Cheerios thrice daily

and that is really all I have to report on her front I think

onto the other bambinoa

29 weeks cooked today and all is well.
My healthy bump is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule which only means I'm going to securely attach my hopes to a high flying kite and expect the baby to arrive promptly at 38 perfect weeks.
I have no complaints in the uncomfortable department but I still have many moons to go so .... plenty of time for germination on that front. I do experience multiple Braxton Hicks contractions each and every day but I was the same way with Julia and um not sure why I'm sharing this.

A kind stranger at the modern day mercantile (fabric store) told me that I was indeed having a girl since my tum was sticking out so much ... and I'm sure she knows best and I'll be expecting a little bundle of powder pink in 9-11 (or moreish) weeks.

yes, that is my sweatpant skirt pulled up high and worn backwards...keeping things spicy spice around the Camp

ah...and upon joining the gym I was asked (by the very muscular and intimidating female personal trainer),
"what are your fitness and weight loss goals for the next three months?"
I don't know...was she being polite or stupid or a pretty combination of both?

Pretty boring week.



  1. Maybe early? My 2nd was born at 36 wks. I also had a ton of contractions during the pregnancy. I would say listen to your body and take it easy when you're getting a lot of BH. I definitely think I overdid it and that's what put me into labor. Was Julia early?

    Oh and I hate when people look at you stomach and try to predict the gender. I carried different ways with both, but had the same gender. A load of hogwash!

  2. I am recalling that if I was really well hydrated, I would have fewer BH. I did not discover this until baby #6. Just sayin.....

    Julia has that calm Patton demeaner. Hope you're so lucky with #2, be it a he or she.

  3. Doesn't the lady at the mercantile shop know that sticky outie belly means boy NOT girl????? Only I'm allowed to make ridiculous predictions, ya know?

  4. Hey, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You're outfit is really adorable. I saw that you follow Flight of the Thorups. I'm friends with Carla, what a small world.

  5. I am looking forward to a "stay at home mothering" post!!!!

  6. Well you look super wonderful!! And regarding mercantile lady, I would be inclined to ignore her and her kind BUT everyone who ever belly-predicted the gender of little Jake guessed right. From my clueless-about-gestation little bro to the sample lady at Costco. So. There you go.
    And yes, please, to the stay at home mothering post.

  7. i wish you would post your outfits for the challenge. i dont know how to use flicker.

  8. did the personal trainer know that you are pregnant?? I'de be really ticked off!

  9. Better be Hebrew Nationals. They answer to a higher authori-tay.

  10. That trainer...some people say the strangest things. It's like their brain/mouth don't connect at all. You should have said, "Well, in three months I'm hoping to get rid of this big bump on my stomach."

    PS - I think that our hubbies should start a support group called "Husbands With Wives that Blog" or "My Wife Loses Touch with The Real World When She Blogs." They'd have a lot to talk about.



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