30 weeks

23 August 2011

3/4 cooked...if my math is accurate. 

I think I should've kept these updates to a monthly and not weekly minimum but I've made a pledge and Pattons don't break a good pledge.

On the update front: I passed the glucose tolerance test which was good considering I possess zero ounces of self restraint and guzzled my usual chocolate coffee en route to the lab. The baby is very, very busy and has little room for his/her agenda to sit contently in the rest position. Only hiccups and gymnastics for little shim. My ice cream intake has been dramatically increased to a daily if not hourly frequency which is just the way it has to be I guess. My shoes have gotten oddly smaller which would lead a savvy detective to surmise that perhaps some swelling might be taking place. My favorite. My eyesight has improved a millionfold with the help of my new glasses and since I started typing this post I devoured an entire log of pre-sliced of mozzarella cheese. 
Gross, Grace.

and now I ankles
 and a little hint of my left foot toes topped with lazy, slouch stomach and a straight lipped smile
I still think we have another little lady on board. 
 I also think that Julia is going to need to learn to do a lot of things independently in these next ten weeks 
Por Ejemplo:
hold her own bottle...{ridiculous}
maybe dismount from her crib and fetch her own breakfast...bit of a stretch but I'm optimistic
walk (please please Julia)
speak some basic English: "I would like to take a three hour nap now, please", "you looks very nice today, Mom" etc...
I know potty training is out of the realm of possibility but I'm a believer of a good miracle...who knows
and maybe learn to style her hair in a more feminine manner

Just those things, that is all. 

pleasant Tuesday evening wishes to you and yours.


  1. That is an awesome picture of Julia!

  2. You are a reasonable woman with reasonable requests. Surely the child can see that?

  3. I agree with Dwija...very reasonable requests. Here's to hoping they all happen soon! :)

  4. I also think you harbor a lady baby...based on ice cream consumption its HAS to be a girl.

    J... really,its not like walking, talking or french braiding are all that complicated.

  5. "hold her own bottle" -- ha! Never too high of a hope ;)

    The little boy I'm watching is ten months old and they're working on potty training! Talk about ambitious..?

    And remember...once they can walk...they can RUN!


  6. You have the loveliest of ankles. And I really kind of have some serious skirt jealousy.

    Freckles in April

  7. You look great! Ice cream was a must for me, too. As were donuts (half a dz at a time).
    As for Julia and her bottle holding- She knows that soon she'll be big sister and not the "baby" much longer. (Trust me, children have a creepy way of knowing) and she'll realize she can get some amazing attention for doing things independently soon enough!

  8. is she eating the corn you were forced to buy?

  9. Mmm, ice cream.

    You look adorable in stripes! Love the glasses too. Functional and fashionable is always nice :)

  10. Ok, seriously? You commented about how good I looked yet you could fit your whole body in one of my pant legs. You're ridic. I'll pray for Julia's bottle holding skills ... that will make a world of a difference when new baby arrives!



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