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08 August 2011


how was your weekend?

that's nice. 

Simon worked nights and I took all safety precautions on the home front by fitting Lucy with a spiked collar, cuddling up with our sharpest block of knives and making sure not a single light was off on any of the three floors of our house for the entirety of both nights.

Once reunited on Sunday, we went to Mass where I spent a long time waiting for the lone church bathroom and inside my head almost cursing while a father and young son duo took 11 minutes to flush and wash their hands, we trekked to and joined Costco, purchased things in bulk that we never knew we needed, ranked our favorite purchases over a hot dog and Coca-Cola combo that we enjoyed on the premises and then drove straight to the normal people's grocery store to buy a normal person's quantity of lettuce and chocolate creamer. After a two hour debate on bedtime timing, we put Julia to bed at 6:30 pm and then marveled at how nice and smart said bedtime timing was for an hour afterward.

Don't blink or you'll miss us.

Destination? danger
Population? us

Monday greeted me with an hour long tear apart of the house looking for overdue library books 
 and magazines that I didn't crack once and (yes, of course I'm going to give a weather report) a welcome reprieve from the heat.

Julia and I then proceeded to go to the pharmacy and the fabric store while blaring some wild (but totally baby appropriate) beats and letting our hair blow freely to the breeze of our two cautiously cracked windows.

I'm on a nursing cover sewing bender ... 
{yes, always this joyful}
because I was in the mood to do something back to schoolsy and these seemed to fit neatly into that category...

I know I will only have one baby and only two apparati from which to nurse the baby from but sometimes you just gotta sew some nursing covers or other inappropriate name for them

so if you want one maybe I'll do an inaugural giveaway for my colossal followerdom....we'll see...I might even throw in a roll of paper towels from the lifetime's supply we purchased on Sunday.

I don't know what the night holds but I have my roll of caution tape holstered in case things continue to take drastic, wild turns for the craycray.

Pregnancy report coming how time flies when you're having fun...I know.

very platonic xoxo,



  1. I'm sure glad your kisses and hugs were platonic. know...

    Also, seriously? ONE BATHROOM????

  2. Hi Grace!

    I've tried to find a 'contact' button so I can send you an email thanking you for your wonderful blog! Can you email me...if you have the time?? jillian.m.hoffman@gmail(dot)com.


    a fellow blogger :)

  3. i guess the seatons are not normal people sice buy most of our grocerys at costco

  4. This post is funny to read now that you go to Costco as often as you do.



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