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18 August 2011

Let's talk about something exciting and sexy
.......thuh weather.......

Its finally cooling down here 
(end sexy prattle)
but I still find myself drawn (yes...literally...drawn...) to non thigh cupping skirts in lieu of my ever-shrinking pants this pregnancy

I found this nice cool mint gel toothpaste/mouthwash elastic waist skirt at the neighborhood Goodwill in the plus size sekch...of course
 not a true before photo as I had already started unraveling the hem

I took out the hem, sewed up the back slit, added some brown stretchy knit to the bott and
made a Thin Mint prairie skirt
and braved a wear of my new Goodwill seven pound belt paired with a nice circling of the bell con armies
just for you 

I know the photos make it look homemade but I promise in real life and when I'm speed walking it looks legitimately garage sale bought. 

In other Camp news...I keeping repeatedly making gross batches of brownies even though I Google and follow the recipe for, "the BEST brownies in the WORLD".

And Julia has the angriest rash I've seen. Maybe some anger management classes for her little bottom tomorrow. 

failing in all facets of Thursday,
g to the races


  1. "legitimately garage sale bought"= hilarious

  2. Um exactly how fast was your left foot moving in that first pick to come out all blurry like that??? Flo-Rida must've been pumping in the background...

  3. I've been thinking about brownies all week! (I will cheat and just use the Duncan Hines dark choc mix.) I feel bad for Julia... hope anger management classes help calm that bottom down quickly!

  4. Look at you! I love a good Goodwill refashion!! I imagine the next time I get a belly bump I'll be digging for some comfy digs too!

  5. Very creative skirt, mama! And a fun mix of colors too.

  6. Bummer about the brownies :/ the skirt looks great!!

  7. holy rusty... you make pregnancy hot. i hope im cute like you!! :) (but i'll probably look like a boat.) :)

  8. You are hilarious! Can always turn to your blog when my day needs to be brightened! Also, wish I could sew like you!



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