seaweed wrap

01 August 2011

I'll join the rest of the world in marveling over the fact that yes (!!!) it is already August.

In biding farewell to July I can say that I survived Simon's first of a zillion rotations and that Simon thrived at his first of a zillion rotations. 

I think August's schedule will be an uglier doozy though...we'll see.

You know you'll read my every whimper and complaint on the matter...lucky puppies.

I've been eyeing a certain dress at Target for a few months ever since I saw my favorite fashion maven wearing it all sorts of pretty ways. Unfortunately, it never quite dropped below the 20 Benjamin mark, so I took a few cleansing breaths and moved cautiously on with my high speed life. 

Enter my haven...the Goodwill and all of it's Target clearance rack castaway goodness. I couldn't resist for six quarter dollars (some quick calculations bring that total tooooo one dollar and fifty cents)...despite the fact that it was size XXL.

In a stupid act of whoops I accidently deleted the before photo but I trust you can imagine me wrapped in an olive green California King sized bed sheet.

or a Snuggie:
Photoshop Czar, I know

basically the same thing
 some minutes of sewing and snipping and a pile of seaweed later
I present an obvious upstage of the original inspiration:

to complete the look I added my favorite accessories of never not tiptoeing baby and massive bump
{Julia is wearing the emperor's new shirt, shoes and sandals}

and that is how the seaweed faux wrap o mine came to be. 

success rating questions:
Is it my most impressive project to date? no
Is it even remotely flattering? no
Is it comfortable? very
Is it nursing friendly? very
Will it be cold weather appropriate for when I am nursing the new suckling? nope and nope

so...we have ourselves a win/lose situation always

and now Julia and I are off to be dangerous and decadent by way of a dip in our one inch deep pool and a viewing of The Men Tell All from the comfort of her spacious cribcage.

until a later date,


PP (post post)
to illustrate what a class act couple we truly are...a little summative snapshot of text convo between Simon and myself today:

Grace: Julia already pooped three times today
Simon: the chief just asked me to go hold fat in a c-section

I'm not sure who I envy more here.

bye for real.


  1. Super cute dress! Oh, and that convo made me laugh out loud. Ben and I have similar ones except replace Julia with Trudy and c-sections with drunken idiots who have injured themselves. Oh the joys of residency! Yay to us for surviving the first month!

  2. tip toeing!!!! that's great!!!!! :D



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