lipstick and greens

22 August 2011

I don't wear lipstick (only sparkly Lip Smackers for me) so I'm going to need to have a little chat with Simon and his beauty regimen tonight about how Julia got into, applied and ate an entire tube of Covergirl's Hot Cinnamon hue today circa 7 in the am.
No Monday morning doldrums here.

It's been 36-48 hours since I've showcased my specialty: unimpressive pants alterations!
Back in akch today. yay.
I found these campy greens at the Goodwill with the tags still attached orphaned from the maternity clearance rack at Target (make sense? it better).
(don't mind my proud, loving gaze at a not pictured Julia ... it cometh naturally)

I simply sewed them tighter but not quite jegging tight as that would be a bad idea at many moons preg. Rolled them to higher waters and added my staple mustard, elastic and straw tail
 had some high school Senior photos taken
with stomach egg and mint leaf feet

I'm going to rate this alterashe a huge success as I've worn them every day since the fix. The panel (not're welcome) is riding high and ribcage height
and I ♥.

Hope all Mondays around the blogosphere are faring well.

Mrs. Patton

{check it:
Anniversary appropriate and brilliantly written post by blogger/home schooler/everythinger extraordinaire Dwija!}


  1. I suspect you also dyed the pants b/c in the before picture it is clearly green while in the after pictures they give off an obvious GREY hue.

    P.S. What do I need to send to get my own pair hmmmmm?

    P.P.S (or is it P.S.S? Whatev) everytime I scroll to the pic of lipstick-clad J, I give a good chortle that probably makes my cube neighbors slightly uncomfortable.

  2. I love the lipstick, Julia. Great color on you. You and MY Simon should get together since he wore Rustic Rose on his lips, cheeks and nose this weekend at Grandma's house, along with some eyeliner whiskers to look like a cat. Ah, grandma's house.

  3. Poor Simon! He looks so lovely in that shade. Are you going to get him a replacement tube before he gets home?
    And I LOVE that outfit! I think I need to get preggo so I can wear a copycat version!

  4. You look great, such a cute preggo!

  5. You are so gorgeous and stylish. I feel like I might just be able to dress up more if I really tried. Maybe.

    And THANK YOU for the sweet shout out, sweetie sweet girl!

  6. These look great and I disagree - definitely impressive :) Where did she find the lipstick? ooh babies. haha

  7. Oh my gosh, I am in loooooooove. Can you send some of those goodwill gems my way please??

  8. Maybe that lipstick was Simons surprise anniversary present for you....only J realized how fab she would look in the hue (and by look in it I mean how yummy tasting it looked) and yes, I too LOVED D's post. But really... you need to be some kind of stay at home mommy seamstress for the fashion and money impaired (me) you could easily be a bajillionaire!

  9. lipstick is dangerous. i stay away from it. ONCE wore it and T gave me a smooch. FURIOUSLY wipes his mouth and entire face before asking what was on my lips.

  10. That pic of Julia is hilarious! I ♥ it! (yes, i figured out how to make a heart finally) You, of course, are stylin' as usual.

  11. Omgawsh...Little Lipgloss Julia! She is SO proud of herself!

  12. Cute pants! Did you take in the outside or inside seam?

    1. always the inside! I should probably get adventurous and try the outside seam!



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