24 August 2011

uh oh!

or if you're Simon
good oh (!)
{photos unrelated but snapped today so somewhat relevant ormaybenotatall}
Blame it on the grapes turned raisins in Julia's highchair or the five semi empty bags of flour hogging unorganized space in the pantry or the muffin batter crust cemented to the stove top...and I'll stop there before I scare you away f-o-r-e-v-e-r-r-r-r-r
but I have been very uncharacteristically struck with a never ever before deep desire to deep deep clean the house and truly...
 I exaggerateth not. 
 I'm not proud of this (one) minor flaw. 
Anyway...I think it is too early for nesting although there was nary a feather in sight before Julia arrived so maybe I'm making up for the time lost last time around
or maybe I'm just finally reading my trusty house whiff manual

I solicited Julia's help and she went at it guns blazing
in the opposite direction
(yes the majority of her toys consist of tangible junk mail
... she counts her blessings on a daily basis)
she lovey a good and fast drawer empty
mother's girl
she was a helpy little lady in the bathroom and cheered my scrubbing and sweating onward with some tight-lipped smiles
(not a piece of plastic feces on her head just a nice brown bow she found while sweeping under her sleeping cage...which she loves and will never remove)

so...lest the productive spirit understandably moves onto greener pastures...I'll be flitting about cleaning, brow dabbing and head scratching should you need me


as my mother, Bettina, would say...
"I got a wild hair"
and just might do an x-small to small giveaway tomorrow
I predict there will be two interested parties in the prize out of my whole wide readership
maybe fewer...we'll see.



  1. Sounds like you're flying! It's awful to take the summer off from reading flylady emails and then you return to her wise advice. I know-I did the same thing. You have inspired me to put my wings back on and get out my purple rags. I need to take a flight!

  2. Ah, I feel your pain. I have been tackling our guest room all day. The rest of the house gave that nice illusion of being unpacked - notta, we just stuffed everything in there and you can't even see the floor. No fun at all.

    Anyway, that second picture of Julia in the sink is adorable! She looks just like you!

  3. Giveaway woo! Always fun :) I wish I was good as cleaning as you and Julia, ha. I very very rarely get that urge.. so good for you. Thank you so much for your thoughts on yesterday's post - appreciate it! Wow 2 baby's after a little over 2 years.. you didn't waste any time!! That is great. I really can't wait!

  4. aw.. love the Julia pics. How nice of her to help you out!

  5. um julia in the sink....BEST photos of her yet. she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  6. J knows how much you LOVE to clean, and since she is such a sweet wonderful child she is giving you more to do. Love it. What I love more though is that stinkin bow in her hair! Cutest baby in Missouri!

  7. my mom says wild hair also. taran says "holy smokes"..............

  8. Oh these are the sweetest pictures of Julia! I love her hairbow!! I will clean my house ten times over in order to avoid hanging my clothes...ah! THE fate worse than death in our house. Uck!

  9. I didn't start nesting till I was in yeah...not the most productive timing



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