holiday weekend

04 September 2011

Not that I'm counting because I am a selfless and saintly wife and mother and not that you don't already know because I don't complain but this is Simon's zillionth consecutive weekend of working. Did I say zillionth? I meant catrilllllllionth. Next weekend weekend will be golden, silver, platinum, copper and perfect of course because he does not have to work. Julia is going to miraculously sleep in, the weather is going to be picture perfect, Lucy will volunteer to babysit Julia while we go on a perfect date, my kankles will disappear and my heartburn will cease forever. It will be wonderful. the mean time we are little engines that can and willing our way through this weekend. Julia has been a real box of F. Gump's chocolates with her swingy moods.
In the impressive span of six seconds she can go from angel to awful to tantrum and back to one-winged angel. 
Fun and Pleasant.
 {Poor Simon unfortunately came home at an ugly cross between baby awfultantrum and mom meltdownawful last night and probably wanted to walk right back out to the safety of calmer meconium ridden waters.}

I've been half catering and half ignoring her whines and whims by way of the following
body-run/walks with my charges
mind-chocolate coffee and a lot of edifying reading
spirit-new four dollar wicked witch of the Midwest shoes

I also bought Julia a toothbrush because she snuck and opened the package before I noticed while we were on a cold medicine run. 
She claims she'll be able to brush these suckers together
but I beg and beg and beg to differ.
oh, boy. poor girl.

I hope all is well in your neck of the world.

ps. this is great


  1. You have been sharing the best stuff lately. That article you linked to about being in the tunnel was changing. Seriously. I was starting to get overwhelmed (and kind of depressed) by my life as a mom lately and then I read that and I was like, "She's right!! I'm just in that horrible tunnel!" And now this article was awesome too. Thank you!

    Freckles in April

  2. I feel ya in going solo this Labor Day Weekend! Ben is working every day, plus he's rounding all by himself so when he gets home he is completely worn out. The past two nights he has gone straight to bed.

    We have a golden weekend next weekend too! Hip Hip Horrah! Let's count down the days!!!

  3. oh, the mood swings! Heaven forbid I offer Rose the "wrong" cup- full on tantrum.

    I really hope this next weekend is great for you!



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