overworked and underappreciated

25 September 2011

Simon is heading back into another couple of rounds of grueling rotations at work this week. We did have a superb September complete with an entire week of vacation, 5:00 homecomings most evenings and not terribly crazy early exits most mornings. Julia started to cling a little less to me and a little more to him 
which I welcomed with weirdly and wonderfully empty arms.  I have a lot to learn from Simon including the arts of rarely complaining and always doing. He helps much more than his fair share around the house despite his long hours at work and tolerates an impressive amount of nonsense from his three lady roomies. I've compiled a sinfully incomplete list of thank yous I've been meaning to verbalize to Simone...because we all know that blog posts are the most genuine avenue to illustrating one's gratitude

thank you 
for doing all of the yard work every week without fail and without complaint
for always doing the dishes at night and cleaning Julia's disgusting high chair
for taking the princesses on long walks in the blistering heat after work all summer
for buying me candy and having the wise foresight to limit my consumption and hide the bags lest I eat my way into a rotten mood
for letting me drive in reclined (but safe) luxury while you deal with road weary tyrants in the back seat
for always being pleasant and patient with Julia even when she is being an obstinate little bumble bee
for always being pleasant and patient with Lucy even when she is being an obstinate little canine
for always being pleasant and patient with me even when I am being an obstinate big bumble bee
for watching Julia in the morning so that I can go the gym, burn 8 whole calories and drive alone in the car for 9 minutes
for logging and tolerating hours and hours of baby name hashing with me
for tolerating the now nine totally necessary during pregnancy pillows that have made their home in our bed
for agreeing to let the baby initially sleep in the portacrib on your side of the bed 
for dealing with my totally sane and normal 'we-need-a-changing-table-today-today-today!!!' Craigslist searches and driving to the literal Timbuktu, Missouri to retrieve said totally necessary changing table
 for always making me laugh, always

case in point...
I recently gifted Simon with an Oscar de la Renta (ooooo...aaaaaa) tags still on sweater from the Goodwill. It fit perfectly but of course came with a unique odor:
Simon: What is the thread count on this Oscar de la Rento?
Simon: I smell senile.
Simon: I'm pretty sure someone died in this.
Grace: I can spray some perfume on it?
Simon: absolutely not. 
Grace: why?
Simon: people will think we've been necking! no.


but thank you alllll the same Simone Pattone.
{I believe he was saying something along the lines of, "I would be jealous of me right now"}


 your papoose and papoosemama


  1. Simon does the dishes AND brings you candy?!
    that. is. awesome.

  2. Being married to a doctor is HARD. Believe me, I hear each and every line.

    But being a resident is harder. All those hours, all that work, no breaks or sick days. It's awful in so many ways. Thanks for reminding me to give The Doc an extra special hug when he wanders in tonight.

  3. I wish I could get my hubby to do high chair duty! Sounds like you have a good man :)

  4. I feel guilty for being so unappreciative of my hubs and complaining so much. He doesn't have as difficult a job as your hubby, but he still does a lot without complaining. I am glad you have a great man to help you! :)

  5. big ups to simon.... yay for being the best hubby to grace and best dad to julia and lucy!

  6. ha. simone is great. my grandma (sita) uses the term "necking". it kills me!



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