bad photos, bad parents

19 September 2011

 I just typed out an entire paragraph narrating the above photos but my eyes glazed over rereading and I know there isn't a chance in limbo or purgatory that you would've made it through...


or numbers

1. obviously the zoo and a ferocious Grizzly
2. Julia deflates my spare tire and reveals to the world that the pregnancy was just a fat farce, Julia and Simon
3. tail end of the balloon glow we were especially tardy for
4. Grace feigning motherhood perfection with a late night lemon+sugar+a splash of water
5. Julia capital F...Freaking over the balloon glow fireworks and Simon and Grace capital L Laughing over the little scene
6. Directly before Simon declared he wanted to 'purge' after devouring a funnel cake
7. In an effort to go 'fishing for friends' ... we took ourselves and Julia to a bar to meet some ND alum for the Michigan State game. It was a bit of a bust as we made up 1/2 the game watching occupancy, Julia and I made up the only female portion of the population and we were those people that had a baby in the bar and eventually those people with a baby in the bar that needed a serious diaper change.

and now we are off on a little family vaca to visit our grandparentals who happen to live in the same town. Did you know that my mom and Simon's mom went to high school together? Do you care?

Something else you need to know: one year ago around this time I believe I was being sent home from the hospital for falsy false/slow labor even though I was enduring the most painful contractions and swearing that Julia would be an only child if I happened to live through her labor and delivery.

Look at us now. 

Talk soon I hope, 

Grace Marie


  1. I wish I was in labor! I'll be sure to post before I leave for the hospital. Did you ever post Julia's birth story?

    I love her coat in the pics!

  2. ha! this is hysterical. hope your labor is quick & uneventful....

  3. Oh, the peacoat! I capital L Love it!!



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