spreading the photo printing wealth

23 September 2011

If you're like're horrible about printing pictures. We don't have a single framed photo of Julia and any printed photos that we do have are courtesy of family or friends.  She's surviving...obviously. 

Anyway...I wanted to print this photo of Julia and her great grandpa and a few other photos the other day so I navigated the most user unfriendly photo printing website...balked at my total for printing a few photos...Googled Walgreens coupon code and discovered that thru this Saturday the code, "FORTYOFF"...will do just that...take 40% off your print order. Maybe they run this spesh all the time and I'm an idiot or maybe there is a much cheaper route to picture printing and I'm an idiot. Just let me feel like I've been a good neighbor and helped you tremendously in your quest to tangibly document your life's most precious moments. 

(and I don't need to tell you that Walgreens totally sought out my mega blog and are compensating me for these words to the very wise)

That is all I have for now...Julia and I are in serious get bleep done mode which happens we're seizing the spirit before it runs away forever. 
Baby clothes organizing, sorting and washing is the chore du jour.
well that and listening to some throwback beats including but not limited to Gangster's Paradise, Low and Everytime We Touch
Sheltered childhood.


  1. Oh, I'm HORRIBLE at printing pictures as well...when I absolutely have to, I use Costco online! They are the cheapest I've found and great quality! :)

  2. That is the best picture ever! How special. I order photos from Walgreens all the time and never thought to google a coupon code.

  3. We are organizing baby clothes today too! It's making me excited for a new tiny baby to wear all the adorable tiny clothes I have from the first one! Have fun! :)



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