32 weeks

06 September 2011

Wait. Weren't you just talking about how you were 31 weeks pregnant? I time...monthly or maybe just trimesterly updates for you. Weekly is a little inyourface. I'm sorry-ish.

This week I welcomed two new 24/7 neeeeeds into my life. Ice water and air conditioning. Simon will probably have eternal scars on his person from where my pupils shot the angriest missiles in his direction after he innocently asked if I wanted to turn the a/c down at night now that the weather is cooling off. I do not. I would actually like to sleep in an igloo but this sweatlodge Tipi that we call home will have to do for now...I suppose. 
When I take Julia out for our little wogs (walkjogs) ... she insists on bundling in her ugly sock slippers, Mr. Rogers sweater and combs her mullet down straight for extra neck warmth
 while I sweat it out to the tune of my running shorts that can now be mistaken for swimsuit bottoms and a tanktop that rolllllls up the tum Gusgus style. Lucy just wears her dreadlocks and is happy as a little ham in meconium. 
We are the perfect little trifecta of recreational bliss.

I couldn't have timed the sun's smiling rays better for this photo
 nor the candid, cliche bump stare
 maybe trumps the heart finger frame...just maybe.

Apparently the baby is the size of a jicama this week...
when I shared this blessed development with Simon he said,
"you say that like it is a normal everyday thing"
I have no clue what that is and shame on Babycenter for making me feel producestupidandclueless.

Well I think Julia has successfully taken a bite out of all twelve apples I hunted and gathered to make the two apple pies the baby was craving and requested.
 So off I trot/waddle to survey the damage and salvage the salvageable.

ah! and the most important for last
have a dollar to spare?
I can't think of a better cause or better people it should go toward
than my friend and old college roommate (and her husband...obviously)
go forth and donate...prettiest please!


  1. awe, Little J is so cute! she's just testing out all those apples for you!

  2. you always crack me up. seriously. thanks for the great laugh. and you look great!

  3. HI! Just found you through 21 Days, and I'm so excited! My husband is a resident too (PGY2 in Urology), so we can commiserate over call schedules and the horrible jokes our children will tell in kindergarden. You look gorgeous here, especially in the blue!

    Come say hi if you get a chance...

  4. Julia really took that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" thing to the extremes, didn't she? :o)

  5. oh my gosh woman. you're the coolest/hottest preggo lady ever. i was literally three times your size at 32 weeks. next time around i want to be you!!! no but seriously.

  6. next weeks picture needs to be in some weird sports bra so you can bare some serious belly art on that bump mariah carey style.

  7. tisk TISK miss J. shame on you for gnawing into all those apples. this post made me giggle a time or ten. and i'll consider donating $1, or starting to pour thru rachel's blog of testerone.



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