09 September 2011

oh, fine. 
(in response to your invisible hypothetical about how my day was yesterday)

Well...actually I hate having people over for dinner. Well...not the actual having them over...that is generally fun unless its awkward which usually it isn't but the preparation I could very much do without.  Our house normally isn't company ready (90% my fault, 10% Julia's fault) and I start noticing herds of dust bunnies, the pile of holy cards/religious art we propped on the mantel and meant to move never did and now looks like a shrine/altar/not normal at all and that the majority of Julia's toys are comprised of empty toothbrush packages, cottage cheese containers and junk mail that came for the previous owners of the house. And then I get a little crazy and start ironing the cloth napkins I unfortunately happened upon when stuffing the holy cards into the closet and debating if I should make a separate more kid friendly meal in case the kids don't like the enchiladas...and then I pull my eyebrow hairs out and text Simon that we are never having company over ever again after tonight. He loves those texts..don't worry. 

Anyway, as was fine. I assumed their kids (oh...we were blindly having strangers over...won't say whose idea that was but it wasn't Lucy' I didn't know the age of their kiddos) would be sit at the table and eat with the adults age but they weren't so we had plenty of food and it turned out that they, too, enjoy and relate to the merits of a cottage cheese container toy.

All is well and good now. And Simon has this weekend he is safe from the potential of an angsty house whiff text. Don't worry about him.

So...back to yesterday. Other than slaving to make a mediocre meal in the kitchen during nap times Julia and I had a lovely little day. As my stomach grows...I am admittedly getting a little bit nervous over the division and scheduling of my arm and lap time once the baby comes. 
The cling isn't letting up and I'm not saying no and so maybe the baby will just learn to nurse his/herself and hang on for dear, precious life while I rock the selfless toddler for the multiple required hours on end e-v-e-r-y d d-a-y.

and because you asked...the rest of the day in medium rectangles 

In order of appearance
~light sweat sesh while toting Julia's new security trinket, some light reading 
~icing the vegetation, some house sprucing c/o artificial vegetation
~apple biting (not eating), applie pie making 
(one large for me and one small for me and J to split 90/10)
~post pie eating
~small sewing project
yes, that is a nursing cover fit for an 11 month old and yes, it might be mildly inapprop but I'm warding off any potential jealousy attacks early and yes, she obviously loves it. Just call me super mom....or super mom. 
Either one is fine.


  1. She is so cute! Your new little one is sure to be a stunner as well, getting ready to entertain is always the worst!

  2. Omgawsh, that is so stinking cute! You made her her own little nursing cover?! Adorable. You are such a good momma -- I'm totally copying you and making one for Emme...whenever that time comes!

  3. you're clearly becoming a profesh photographer on the side.



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