12 September 2011

stellar weekend achieved.

1. We hit up Grant's Farm (home of the Budweiser monster Clydesdales) where Julia had a full body conniption every time she spotted an animal
2. Let Simon chauffeur his ladies around in a paddle boat in Forest Park while burning 1000 calories a second
3. Purchased some warm weather clothing for Julia to replace her 6-9 month floods and 3-6 month belly shirts 
4.  Grace read some internet nonsense about putting some toys/books at the foot of the crib (? do cribs have feet) to entertain the babe post wake up for up to 30 minutes. Grace scoffed but followed the advice...miracle or magic. It worked. Genius internet nonsense.
5. And our valiant patriarch was home long enough to drop some Simon Says:
"A little part of me dies every time I clean out the seat of Julia's high chair"
" your hands smell like poop or chocolate? or both?"
"This blanket has Julia's scent. Not pleasant."
and only minor snag:
Notre Dame
'Notre Damn'
as my brother Paul texted me

and many thanks to Natalie for featuring the Camp today


  1. aw, so glad y'all had a great weekend!

  2. Damn girl, you have got yourself some grade A hil-a-ri-ous going on here... and please tell me you don't actually makeover all those glorious Goodwill finds by the work of your own hands?! Amazing.

  3. Ohhhh, Julia is so stinkin' darling! Looks like you had a fun weekend, so happy for you to be able to get some time together! Simon says cracks me up. Ha. ha.

  4. Looks like fun! Yes, we just learned that toy tip with our 2nd. We still hear him up at the crack of dawn, but he's happy and not crying :)

  5. Fun weekend! I especially like the entertainment in the crib. Would try if the sun was up at the first crack of him waking. But no, he'd be fumbling in the dark and still crying.

  6. What an awesome weekend! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Grant's Farm! I've always wanted to visit there. We boarded the Clydesdales at our ranch a few times...they're soo pretty!

  7. ha. this cracks me up. and makes me want to buy those clogs.?



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