Little J

14 September 2011

Julia was having a rough go of it this evening. She was weirdly inconsolable (basically screaming her usual, "doodle doodle doo" at the top of her lungs with tears) post bath and fell asleep before she could be bothered with any sort of hairstyling

Simon captured this photo
and called it, "nice and ugly"

don't worry J...I'll always have my arsenal of edited, flattering photos to keep that esteem nice and high
and on a completely unrelated note I received a Facebook message today from an old college acquaintance congratulating me on 'the little guy' ... not sure if he is a fortune teller and predicting the newbie's gender or referring to Julia which would seem preposterous as I have semi-permanently attached that bow to her locks. 
Either way...thanks (!).


  1. haha.. hmm - perhaps he had some sort of feeling about the bump. Thank goodness for flattering photos to make up for.. the other ones.



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