4 in the am

10 September 2011

Weedken's tidings!
Even though Simon is off this weekend he still had some mandated recreation to attend for work which actually works out well because I have time to share my night's wake/sleep with you. Stop rolling your eyes. You are the one reading blogs on a

I've never really bought into the 'pregnancy insomnia' nonsense until I experienced pregnancy insomnia myself...last night. Now I know it is indeed real and does not bleep around. Holy Mole. Over the course of an hour I:
put out an actual fire in my sternum c/o extra large heartburn
ate three slices of cheese and two fun size Butterfingers
fine, I ate three fun size Butterfingers
drank a glass of water
regretted drinking the water 
made multiple bathroom trips 
stepped on Lucy every time
woke Simon up
woke Simon up
asked Simon if he was awake ("no")
asked Simon if he was sure he wasn't awake ("still no")
took some generic Tums (tropical fruit flavored)
went a little nuts on Pinterest

listened to Julia wake up and cry and fall back to sleep
told Simon I was experiencing pregnancy insomnia 
his response, "I'll do it in a minute"
debated working out with crazy Jillian Michaels
quickly decided against
debated washing some baby clothes
quickly decided against
counted the days until my due date (52)
yawned again
drank some more water
brushed teeth during one of multiple bathroom trips
Googled, "radiating lower back pain, impending death?"
laughed my bottom off at this
took more tropical fruit Tums
thought up some baby names for Simon to nix
made a pillow sandwich ... my body being the filling
listened to Julia wake up again and go back down
drank milk


and now back to family time I run. 

Have a goodie. 



  1. The WORST. At least you actually stayed up. I remember staying in bed and trying to sleep and not being able to and ending up in tears. Note to self--don't do that!

  2. Oh man, your post plus the link made me laugh so hard I am amazed my pants are still dry (I'm preggo too, due about 3 days before you)!!! I hate the preggo insomnia, I get up to use the bathroom but other than that I just lay in bed and think about how uncomfortable I am or how bad my chest hurts. Here's hoping the next month and a half or so goes by really fast for us! :)

  3. hahahahaha

    hahahahahhaha. thank you for that laugh!

    i can relate...or could ;).


  4. i read that post too and thought he and you must be kindred spirits.



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