01 September 2011

Like I mentioned in the post below...Julia has become an excessively clingy little babe...
{of the stage five variety - the worst kind}
just in the past couple of days.
No good.
Even as I type type type
she clings 
(and looks desperate for something here)
It was cute and flattering for about two seconds until I wanted to change my shirt/take some baked goods out of the oven/tease my hair/etc which all proved to be equal parts difficult and difficult with the butterball plastered to my person. 
In job interviews, if and when I would get asked what my strengths were I would always claim that I was extremely patient.
Pants on fiiiiiiire.
Not patient.
I am unbelievably impatient and my impatience paired with the clingerding has an ugly marriage made thus far. However, the alternative is back arching and head on wood floor banging which is sometimes tolerable but I prefer that my back stay straight and my head unharmed. So...we cater to the cling.  Maybe she senses that something is rotten in the state of my stomach and is beginning to get anxious about a possible dethroning. Or maybe she is just a baby regressing and becoming more dependent as she ages. Who knows...not I.

Moving onward and downward to my most recent Goodwill alteration collaboration
(but continuing with the cling theme as illustrated in all photos below)

If smells could type...this shirt would be bold, size 48 font and probably italicized.
The former owner clearly loved herself (himself?) a good perfume soak
 don't worry...
1. Julia only looks that bad for before photos
2. she is pretending to not look clingy but I can assure you her legs were locked nice and tight around her sibling
2. I only wear that flattering skirt in the house to do Pilates and bake goods

I threw on my neck nicotine patch (pictured), ripped out the shoulder pads and the hem, rolled up the sleeves...continued to hold the monster while changing her bottoms and crimped my tail
the birth of my new favorite black and small brown dots shirt
 profesh lighting and are v-v-welcome
We're hoping her first word will be, "Cyrano"
but we might set standards a little too high around here
I don't know

Off to Google, "clingy baby might be sick drinks soy milk and eats kidney beans and dog food meets milestones semi-late what is the problem" ... hopefully I get to the bottom of the conundrum asahp.

I hope you have a great night and then day and then night again.


  1. It's awesome what a bit of a nip and tuck on some clothes can do! Hope your little one gets over the clinginess soon. My 18month old is a bit like that at the moment but thankfully she has on older sister to distract her most times. :)

  2. I think my Bernadette was born a week or 2 after Julia and she has also just hit this same stage, it is definitely their age. It makes no sense as you would think they would become more independent the older that they get, but then nothing that they do makes any sense. The best remedy for me is wine, just a few more weeks and that can be yours too!!

  3. The new-found Cling sounds rough...good luck!!

    By the way, I once again have to say you find gems and I don't know how! Great refashion!

  4. it sounds like Little J has separation anxiety- which is completely normal and she'll grow out of it! Mine had it around a year old, too. My mom always called them Velcro babies. Your new hip accessory is a cutie, though!

  5. Please tell me you actually googled that exact phrase. Because that would make my day!

  6. Stinky went super clingy while I was pregnant with Baby 2 and my sister's son is doing the same thing (expecting a girl in Oct). I think they have some kind of 6th sense that tells them a big change is on the way and they get all nervous and they become little clingers. It'll pass soon!!

    Freckles in April

  7. Cyrano- absolutely love the idea of you exposing my gd to that play. Love the outfit. I hope the clinging doesn't last too long!

  8. My 18 monther is still a little Klingon. And also bangs her forehead into the hardwood floors when frustrated...not in an allah praising way but in a contemplate trip to hospital way.

  9. Ah, the clingy babe! Emme was BORN clingy, and remains so to this day. I wrote about her clingy little self here: and about how when I put her down for the night, I have to figure out what to do with myself, I feel only 3/4 me without her on my shoulder! Ha! This picture makes me about getting stuff done with a babe on your hip! Enjoy!

  10. you get SO many comments ! FANTASTIC! anyhiz, i really love this top. i love the color AND pattern. additionally, i'm jealous and zealous of your hair.

  11. I am expecting our second at the end of October and my little goober-girl has become quite clingy the last month or so as well. I think they can sense the evilness (to them) of the belly, they know life as they know it is almost over. I just started reading your blog thanks to DIYM and I am hooked, you are so funny!!! And I love that you turn seemingly unfashionable clothes into pieces that fit and flatter your body.



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