Things I Worry About on a Daily Basis

07 September 2011

1. What should I make for dinner? Enchiladas?
2. Is Julia eating the dog food again?
3. What should I make for dinner? Enchil-no-burritos?
4. Should I stop listening to trashrap with Julia in the car?
5. Should I have gotten Julia dressed before coming out in public?
6. Should Julia be drinking so much watered down generic Crystal Light?
7. What should I make for dinner? Burri-no-pizza?
8. Can I run to the bathroom before Julia sprintcrawls in and pulls up on the toilet? 
9. Is Julia eating the dog foo--yes...yes she is...but she is I leave her?
10. Did that lady see me roll my eyes in her direction after she cut me off to beat me to the checkout line? Hope so.
11. What should I make for dinner? piz-no-cornflake chicken fingers..again?
12. Should I wash my hair or can I stretch it one more day?
13. Will the grocery store peeps notice if I wear the same pants and hairstyle to the store for the third day in a row? Will they care?
14. Was she accusing me of stealing when she asked if there was anything in the bottom of my cart? Do I look like a thief?
15. Will I hurt Lucy's feelings if I don't take her wogging with me and Julia? 
16. How many weeks till the baby could potentially be here? 
17. Would it be that bad to take Julia to the hospital when I go into labor? yes. no. yes yes.
18. Where is my coffee? How old is this coffee? Should Julia be drinking so much of my coffee?
19. Do we have enough soy/rice/almond milk for Julia to get through the day? The hour?
20. Where should I put my water glass so that I'll have to exercise the least amount of effort should I get thirsty in the middle of the night?
21. Did I just take two antacids or did I imagine that I did? I can take two more....right?
22. What should I make for dinner? Soup and sandwich-no-wraps?
23. How inappropriate is it that Julia insists on watching me shower? Probably very.
24. I wonder if the neighbors can hear me singing "The Wheels on the Bus" in the key of vibrato loud and man voice?
25. Why is Julia being so quiet?
26. Why is Julia crying again?
27. Why do her diapers smell so so so bad?
28. When does Simon get home?
29. When does Simon get home?
30. When does Simon get home?
31. Lucy will you please stop barking while Julia naps? Please please please please?
32. What should I make for dinner? Enchiladas...yes, definitely enchiladas.  
I've got 99 problems but legitimacy most certainly is not one. 


  1. I love reading your blog, it never fails to make me laugh! And enchiladas sound like a perfect dinner to me.

  2. LOVE this post. You're such a good mama! Can't wait to see what the list evolves to when baby #2 is there

  3. Oh. My. God. MY LIFE!!! So funny, and so so true...

  4. I am glad you can't wait for your hubby to get home either, now I don't feel like the only one who can't "handle" (as my husband puts it) my child. I handle her just fine, I just want him to come home and handle her so I can have a break! :)

  5. Hilarious!!!
    Hope Simon gets home soon!

  6. This is so funny! I think all the same things, except for the dog food since our dog eats it within seconds :0

  7. love Love LOVE the off centered bow.

  8. Awesome! This is soooooo funny, cuz it's TRUE! I can relate to it allll to well. You are such an awesome Mamma.

  9. You are too stinkin' hilarious. Fer serious!

  10. Haha.. wait til baby #2 comes... your brain will explode! And yes, did your hubby come home ..

  11. I can't wait to see what bubee number two brings to this blog...I am hoping for two times the hilarity...although I don't know how you could get any funnier!!!

  12. this is SO hilarious. seriously.

  13. favorite post yet! I love love it! I agree with BiblioMomia...My Life!!!

  14. So, so funny. I don't know why I haven't commented on the last 37 posts...just lazy I guess.
    I am loving your 'homeshaking' tag!!

  15. this makes me giggle like a school girl. who's taking zee photos? i love them all.



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