28 September 2011

 Simon is (oh so unfortunately) working nights for the time being and because I am an XL-XXL coward I average one hour of sleep and seven hours of internet paddling/candy corn popping/fear for my lifing on these especially fun evenings. So, Julia and I made the joint and executive decision to trade in our St. Louis snowlady attire
 for extra deodorant applications and flew home to New Mexicoco to spend a few days under the safety of my parent's adobe roof
I'm happy to report I faced my very rational fear of flying with Julia and survived our 2.5 hour flight minimally scathed. I always give her a grade for her Mass behavior (last week: D) so I gave her a flight grade as well...B-...only because she repeatedly pointed at, and told the easily flustered elderly lady to our left that her (heavily perfumed) chestal region was, 'hot! hot! hot! hot! hot!' over and over and over and over.
I give all of the passengers on the very full flight an F for cowering at the sight of a baby on board, stampeding off the plane before I could unbuckle, gather my belly, my bags and my senses enough to deplane, slamming their seats back just hard enough to shoot my tray table down onto a sleeping J's head and looking at but not picking up the bottle and headphones I dropped while attempting to deplane and juggle all my gear. Fair is fair is fair.

Back to our current sunny locashe. . .
where the blue sky is a little brighter, the brown ground a little drier and the rock/sagebrush/cacti landscaping a little more common
 anddddd the yard decor metal dogs riding actual tricycles um...exist, the copper coyotes howl a little louder, and the side of the house gazelles being hunted by stick figures roam free
you know you heart...home sweet home on the desert range

*and a little blogkeeping note...
I loved and very genuinely appreciated each and every one of your comments on yesterday's are all truly the best.
I really wanted to write a few of you back but ran into the old nowaytocontactyouback conundrum
I will begrudgingly understand if you want me to leave you alone forever and ever...but if not...
pretty please?

**cutest little clip


  1. Dude...why are people on planes so rude??

  2. I don't know why people act like that on planes when you have a baby. Ugh. It's also funny to go stand at your boarding gate and watch all the business men eyeball the baby. I was very lucky when I had to fly alone with my (then) two year old (who was recuperating from surgery) and sat next to a very understanding lady. I hope your flight back has kinder people on board. And have a great time visiting your family!

  3. I can't believe it! I think your parents live on the same street as a good friend of mine. Oh pardon me, I'm not a creeper, I discovered your blog via JDel and I can't stop reading your hilarious and heartwarming writing and marveling at your fashionable pregnancy. I can't believe how rude your fellow travelers were, shame on them. I've been in almost the same boat but never brave enough to travel alone with my little. Have fun while you're here! Hope you brought your summer clothes. ;)

  4. You have TWO jogging strollers? Do you love? I didn't get one with H but am seriously considering investing in one for this time around. Please give your complete review.

  5. Haha shame on the other travelers indeed!Rude!

  6. If I didn't like you so much, I would be very sad that I didn't get to TRY and see you while you were in the land of Newwwww Mexxxxico!

  7. What rude plane travelers! I just don't understand some people.

    Anyway, I hope you're having a blast back home! I'm getting ready to head up to KC for the weekend since Ben is on call. Nothing like a good trip home to make a yucky rotation go by faster. :o)

  8. i LOVE the St. L to NM pics with ya'lls outfits. TOO CUTE.

  9. I love your green-ish sweater in the first pictures. Enjoy your sun! xo

  10. Sorry for the rude people on the plane. Some people seem to forget that they (gasp) used to be kids too. Hope you have tons of fun in the sun with your fam! Where do your parents live? My aunt/bff moved to Roswell a while back and I miss her terribly.



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