29 September 2011

1. I watched Pan Am on Hulu the other day while I was not sweating to my fluid movements prenatal DVD...and I really liked it and will continue to watch. I scrolled down to read the viewer comments when it was over and haters were seriously hating on the show. Is my taste that bad? Probably.
2. Julia and I can't stop eating any sort of dark chocolate covered dried fruit. 
3. My mom's 8th and 9th children/Julia's uncles Rudy and Tucker. She hearts.
4. Four of my six siblings, one of my two parents, one of my two children, one of one me
5. One year and one week old...still uninterested in cake...only corn
(remedial little bear)
6. Uncle Paul, ominous sky, giddy Julio
7. Not scared by the crow
8. Is Julia's hairline receding?
9. The beautiful quilt that Sarah built
10. Costco with Grandma Bettina
11. Costco with a breast belt

Maybe a little tone down on the Julia photos, dear Grace.


  1. love the julia photos. keep them coming!

  2. Oh, this looks like so much fun! We honeymooned in New Mexico, it is one of my favorite, favorite places! As is Costco :)

  3. Wow, so pretty out there! It's nice you have the support of your (huge?) family during these last few hellish weeks of can do it! Also, there can never be too many Julia and/or you pics!

  4. P.S. "Myrrh" is Mary...we wrote a few emails a bit back. I am not some random stalker who posts comments like she knows you but a stalker who has actually "met" you via email who posts comments like she knows you.

  5. Awww, Julia is precious! And I love that it's pumpkin patching and corn mazing time! =) Only a few things I LOVE about this time of year!

  6. you keep me coming back for more! haha love your posts.

    did you like pan am? i tried to get into it sunday night but i just couldn't. probably b/c i was dead exhausted and thinking of a million things i needed to get done.

    i'll have to give it another shot.


  7. Haha, I love Pan Am too! It's giving me my bombshell fix until Mad Men returns.
    However, I also liked The Playboy Club and it's been cancelled after just three episodes. I hope that Pan Am hangs on!



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