15 September 2011

Julia and I declared today a lazy day which meant today was an ordinary day but we didn't take any trips to the grocery store solely for a tomato or an onion or some other very necessary singular item. We also steered clear of our usual haunt: the Goodwill (which I just know is going to get in and immediately sell the perfect changing table of my dreams on the day I don't do my usual stalk...but we risked...and survived) Nope...we went green...dark hunter style and stayed planted on solid home ground.  The day began with a leisurely 4:00 in the am wake up... thanks to a 6:00 in the pm bedtime. I know...normally my cry it out or die heart of ice wouldn't melt so easily but the rattle of the cell/crib bars and the impressive amount of eye/nose tears she had shed to form a very deep moat around the cell/crib got me. I'm going soft...not good. Not good at all.
Oh, sure...we did our usual 
1. walk/run/silent required reading/morning cocktail guzzle
2. keep away with Lucy's food
3. ceremonial run and hide when someone knocked at the door (big, bad UPS with my fish oil) 


begrudgingly made the switch from our usual DVD routine to a more preg/baby friendly routine 
(which was alarmingly and annoyingly exhausting even with all the pillow stacking, deep breathing and swayswayswayingbackandforthandbackandforthing)
 {Let's not talk about my little problem with Amazon and their 10 Minute Solution DVD's...I wish I could say this was my entire collection...and I wish I could say I actually utilized them all regularly...and I wish I could fly. Yadda.}

but mostly we just pretended we knew what a roller coaster was and that we knew exactly what to do when we were riding said roller coaster
and talked about 'doodle doodle doodle doodle doo's!!!' 
'co co co's!!!' 
(translashe: Corduroy? corn? toothbrush? megalomaniac?)

and then we made this for din
except we had virtually none of the ingredients so we made something not very similar with sub par substitutes

and then Grace caught Julia eating a giant dead fly
(who should be more embarrassed? her. definitely her.)
and now Simon and I are going to watch this
I hope it's good

I'm sure you're so happy I shared. 

have a great night


  1. aren't lazy days awesome? (although you still manage to do plenty of things)

    give that girl some protein! i once caught Rose with a dead spider... gross

    we got to watch up all night tonight, too! hope y'all have a great time!

  2. We just watched that show too! We both laughed a lot even though we couldn't really relate to the partying since we didn't party much before we had a baby, let alone after. Funny show though, I think it might make it into my queue (that word is really weird) :)

  3. Health nerd alert---- Carlson's is a great brand of fish oil. Good choice.

  4. I tell you this so the fly will no longer horrify you. I caught my 10 month old (now 12 months old) eating a dead Tick. A dead tick full of blood.



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