rolls and run

05 September 2011

 Have you ever made the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls?
 If your thighs are hungry and you have three hours to spare, kill or should.
Julia begged and you know my parenting philosophy is to never, ever say no.
So...we made and ate and ate some more.

Then we went on what some kind souls might call a jog...others might call a brisky walk
I didn't catch the name of the street on the right but I'm pretty sure it is Everest reincarnate right here in St. Louis. The grade is deceiving...really. 

And other than those two flurries of has been business as usual around here
1. maternal adoration 
(eternally unrequited of course)
2. Monday morning chores 
(always a wildcard..she chose to lovingly pat pat pat the toilet paper for this morning's task)
3. desperate for the fun parent to return home
(no parenthetical statement here but didn't want #3 to feel left out)

Simon is off dealing with a birth plan that only requests a 'courtesy stitch' post delivery. He and the nurses didn't know what on God's green that was and so I kindly Googled...oops...and...ha.

And not pictured thankfully ... is the wretched resurrection of the crying it out. All those months of hard work, sweat, tears and Julia has severely regressed. I'm not backing down...she's not backing down and Simon is stuck in the middle but I keep my headphones and good music holstered and at the ready.
Cheaters always prosper. 

Have a pleasant afternoon and evening.


  1. Haha aw the crying it out phase.. I feel for you there. Maybe my future children will just skip that stage? ha.. a girl can hope? Curious about your bathroom.. is that green tile on the wall? It is a cool color!

  2. Just checked out that recipe and
    1) That's a lotttta butter.
    2) I could care less about the butter and will be making these pronto!

    Also, I love the shadow pic and the patting of the toilet paper.

    Also, also, I'm sending love your way for the crying it out! Hopefully tonight will be way better!!

  3. Awwww, I love all the pics of 'lil Julia! You both (and your shadow) look super duper cute as usual! What is it with kids and toilet paper? Tagg still tries to eat it.
    Mmmmmm, cinnamon rolls...

  4. making cinnamon rolls is one of my favorite pastimes, I am very excited to try this recipe :)

  5. I will probably make those cinnamon rolls bc I have a surplus of butter.
    I googles courtesy stitch, thanks for that lovely image.
    Crying it out...always a favorite. I would pad my ears between pillows and turn on the bathroom fan next to our room. :)

  6. i seriously laugh through all of your posts just loving your commentary. you crack me up. and i'm wishing that those cinnamon rolls would just appear in my kitchen made and ready for me to devour and "share" with my family. soooo delicious! Your photos are always so good. I would love to share you and your hilariousness on my blog. next post i'm sharing you if you don't mind! congrats on baby #2..not sure if I said that yet! You look amazing. I love the belly shots. gorgeous.



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