22 September 2011

I promise this is the last you will see and hear of Julia's inaugural and only first birthday. We were fortunate enough to celebrate with a fun slew of extended family here in Illinois. My grandma cooked a superb meal, made Julia the most delicious cake and hosted a lovely party for all in attendance. I'm hoping the in utero baby slept through the festivities because he/she will not be celebrating his/her first birthday in as much style next year. 
Sorry charlie/charlotte.

things you don't care to know:
I knew I shouldn't have but I did anyway...I woke the sleeping tyrant for her fiesta. This resulted in an embarrassingly grunty, whiney and fickle birthday lady. It's a good thing we are all family or else I might have put her outside with the other bad babies where she belonged.

Julia was very generously gifted with way too many nice things...fancy clothes, the perfect collection of books, a handmade tote for her books, a doll and stroller, a puzzle and more. Of course her favorite gift was a plastic Cheerios container and a leeeedle tiny piece of wrapping paper that she squirreled away in her chubby right cheek for the night.

She was thrilled with all of the birthday song attention but cared not to smash/eat/touch her cake despite my obnoxious encouraging cheers and eventual chides. 
If you tell a monkey to dance...

and I think our only family photo of the night will be just perfect for our Christmas card 2k11 photo...
I don't think a better picture of familial love, togetherness and contentment could've been purposely orchestrated.


  1. awwww! im glad your family celebrated in style. little julia deserves it. i like her one shoe look...ha and the look on yours and simon's face is great

  2. oops this is jessica. i happened to be on reeds computer, saw his reader up, saw you posted and...yeah. my bad

  3. SWEETNESS. And that last pic is priceless. Too good for words. :)

  4. So glad Baby J had such a sweet birthday. You could never post too many photos for Nana!

  5. by far one of my fav posts...the christmas cards will be lovely. my mom suggested for this year's christmas card that we hvae all the boys on the couch, moses in the middle with his arms holding a fake baby. then when baby shadrak comes, insert him in place of the fake baby via photoshop...

  6. HAHAHA! That pic is great! And it's all in the subtle details- Julia wearing only one shoe, Simon missing Julia's mouth with the bottle, and of course, your expressions of unbridled enthusiasm. Yay, for Julia's first birthday!

  7. Oh, I LOVE the homemade cake! Makes me want to start baking right now! The pic of you and Julia opening her doll is so sweet!

  8. I am dying over the whole picture! It's funny how pictures like that lovely family one end up being the only print you can find of your parents. I have several friends who show me old pictures of their parents with similar expressions and similar objecting babies. Congrats for finding a keeper!



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