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03 September 2011

Simon will always win in the better parent, better spouse, better housekeeper and better hair competitions. Yesterday he took Julia to the history museum to get her little claws out of my mousy hair for a few hours. He then came home and made dinner, did the dishes and flossed my teeth while I drifted off to sleep. Just kidding...I did the dishes.

Anyway...he sent this photo and caption from the museum 
 "I like placards as much as daddy. And I have gas."
 (Simon does love a good placard which can sometimes drive the non-placard lovers a leeeeedle nuts)

I'm not a huge laugher, smiler or happy dap in general but this made me genuinely laugh out loud
(and if you didn''re even lamer than I)

Julia and I are trying to dig our way out of a rotten morning of head colds and bad moods over here. 
I could've sworn we both had the immune systems of hearty oxen and impenetrable sunny dispositions of Rainbow Brite but...maybe not. 
Consider this my unswear.



  1. HA! What a hoot! Next time we all go to a museum together Simon, Ben, and Julia can team up and enjoy the placards while you and I speed on by.

    Your Visual Learner Friend,

  2. Lots of squeals of delight here! That's the best darn dog for little J!! Placards are the pits, I agree!

  3. Haha! funny photo texts are my favorite. So are husbands with good hair. My husbands' hair curls when it grows out. What gives!



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