29 March 2012

it takes me about an hour to get out the door to go on a simple slow run fades to fast walk fades to slowwww walk with the kids in tow (Julia on my shoulders, Sebastian in my fanny pack -- impressive would be the word you're looking for). Yes, just 60 little minutes pass from the time I lace up my clearance (but neon and super trendy!) Reeboks to the time I tuck Julia's 4th security bag of "cacas!" (crackers - duh) into my ponytail. Of course Justin Bieber and his new single that I can't decide whether to download or not or to download or not or super sweet blog posts or generous helpings of seasonal coffee creamer can't be blamed -- no. It's scenes like this that have me wading through molasses to get out the bleeping door...
...Thin Mint wanting a photo with his new plush baby bestie and his brother pitching a fit that his trifecta of cotton candy colored (powder blue, purple, and powder pink) 'kees!!!' (blankies -- grow up) isn't to be found all together at the same time.  60 minutes-o-fun.

Whoever said kids were a lot of work ...
was such an idiot.

...and for our next trick we're going to see if the overload of Goldfish crackers that Julia snuck into her skinny cheeks still adversely affects her digestive tract. I'll report the diaper deets later.

I never don't.


  1. I like to believe half the battle is getting to your desire destination. I'd laugh at you, if I wasn't crying thinking about the as exactly 60 took to get dressed, find shoes,find mommy's running* shoes as opposed to sandals because she can never find the match to a pair, find mommy a bra in the piles of laundry because no one wants to see me without it, find binkie, change all diapers, find phone, get into car seats, locate the dog, find glasses, remember to put hair up?, check for credit card, back out of the driveway without hitting anything, finally make it to the store....and then have the most stressful grocery store trip ever.

    I know what you're talking about. Easy peasy.

    *running shoes are asterisked due to the fact they are never used to run in. Style only. I hear actual running can kill someone as lazy as me.

  2. oh, that Julia...haha! i wonder if one day she'll look at these posts and think, "oh gosh...i was such a joy" (i know she really is, but you know ;). or maybe she'll be like, "no, you know what...i was totally justified". lol.


  3. i just want to pinch sebastian's cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I could superimpose Cecilia's face over Sebastian's and Paul's over Julia's and steal this post and it would all be true. Only a few more years and she'll be 4.....(magical age of no longer going berzerk all the time. Mark my words)

  5. Love those chubby cheeks, Sebastian is one handsome little man!

  6. Bernadette and Julia are kindred spirits, we should send them off to baby camp together!
    (oh how I wish there were such a thing)

  7. Same story here. For reals. Only real difference is Rose calls her blankie a wanket. Yep, that's even how she spells it.

  8. hi grace. i was going to send you a long gushing email singing praise of your blog, but you have no email listed on your contact page. so i'll limit my gushing in this more public forum.

    simon's cousin annie told me about your blog while we were avoiding work today. my husband tim went to school with your husband and has always had good things to say about him. you're a great writer and i can totally sympathize with your circus. my circus is in the form of two boys, but take hope, they are starting to out grow some of their insanity. i'm sure your kiddos, or maybe just that lil gal of yours, will too. i especially related to your fav child post. i had that discussion with two of my brothers who made me feel like a terrible mom for declaring my baby at the time my fav over his two year old brother. but here's the crazy part-they switched roles and for a solid two years, the older brother became my fav as that babe morphed into a cute but terrifying monster. weirdest twist of the story-now i like them both ; )

    oh, and my boys are terrible sleepers. so after reading all of a few pages of your posts, i've decided we're practically living the same life. you're just a few years behind me. and you're tall and blond.

    summary of long post: thanks for an amusing evening of reads. hang in there. you're fighting the good fight.

  9. I love mary's comment. How sweet! Grace, darn it just pack up the car and drive down here with the kids. Please??? ;)

  10. 'blankie - grow up' had me laughing out loud in my silent bedroom. HAHAHAHAHAAH.



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