this kid

25 March 2012

is the best baby in the whole wide world during the day
and the worst baby in the whole wide world during the night.

It is as almost as fascinating as it is frustrating to watch the docile angel morph into a tyrannical hellian as soon as the little divo smells bedtime. He averages ~2 hours of crying himself to sleep and because we don't hate ourselves enough to risk moving him in with the Julia quite yet ... he shares our upstairs quarters and lots of fans, sound machines, and headphones are involved in the whole ridiculous routine.

He's lucky that throughout the day he is always weirdly content, naps easily, tolerates Julia's abuse, dresses himself, performs his daily chores without complaint, and smiles on command. A very lucky duck indeed.


  1. Dang! Do you stuff him with food before bedtime? That never really helped Joey, but I think it made me feel better...He looks so innocent. What a little charlatan.

    p.s. the movie was SO good. Even Simon will delight in it.

  2. Funniest photo caption ever - you are hysterical :)

  3. Consider yourself lucky that he is AT LEAST dressing himself. It took Mikey 3 and A HALF months to do that, and only last fall did he start driving us around in the car.

  4. J-L took forEVVVVVVerrrrr to sleep through the night. We finally let him cry it out last summer, which meant I had to repeatedly go apologize to my neighbors for the screaming serenade they were being treated to at night, since we don't have AC in the house and all the windows stay open.

    Here's why I love my neighbor- she just shrugged, and said, "It's ok, it gave me an excuse to convince the husband to turn on OUR ac earlier."

    Everyone was a winner!
    Except Ken and I.

  5. Oh, that's rough. Hopefully he starts sleeping better soon, stick with it Mama!

  6. Will he take a pacifier? That helped Marshall out a lot...or music? Marshall was the worst sleeper too so I am empathize with you! Good luck and maybe he will grow out of it---Marshall got better as the months went on!

  7. Oh my gosh, he's too cute! I wish I had advice for you, I really do. I babywear, cosleep, and nurse on demand. The first boy is just like that though- a stubborn wakeful child. He dropped naps around two and took to bedtime like a fish to a bicycle. Even now at five I'm probably the most lax with him because it seems to work best. A structured lax, but still.

    When he was two, maybe younger, we had to do the same thing that Cari did- let him cry it out. The other two have been much much easier. I felt terrible. We had a routine, put up a baby gate, and eventually had to install a lock on the bedroom door to get him to stay in his room and sleep. I still feel terrible for doing it.

    I am sorry, I wish I had actual advice, but dang he's cute. Thank God for such a sweet temperament during the day!

  8. Oof. Crying it out is no fun at all, but it will be worth it! Hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, when G drives me crazy with her shenanigans, I tell myself "Serenity NOW!" (Seinfeld). Not sure if it helps, but it can't hurt.

  9. He's young still. And it's good NFP ;)

  10. Adorable picture! :)


  11. grace, surrender like me at 3 weeks old and put in bed with you. you will sleep and so will he!



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