alteration seeks function

15 March 2012

transformation heard round the internet.

You might recall this alteration ... or not. The pants still fit just fine but are best suited to be worn with a raised heel ... which I tend to wear once in a never moon for the sake of realistic practicality at my business casual post. So (using this tutorial -- copied from this better tutorial), I sewed off and rolled up the wide part of the ankles ... in the hopes of astounding you fine readers.

I'm quite confident that I was successful.

Successful and the proud owner of happy-play-friendly clam diggers.
Directly before the remains of Sebastian's sick nose bubble fell directly into my happy mouth.

And directly before, during, and after Julia pitched a fit about Sebastian winning my arms' attention 1.1 seconds before she did.

Happy play, indeed.


  1. Oh! Those turned out so cute! I have a similar pair of pants that I might do the same thing to! (If I ever fit in them ever ever again). You look amazing Grace! And I just want to squeeze those little baby legs! (Your kids', not yours, ha!)

  2. You're so pretty. And I have a pair of those pants floating around that I um, never wear but just bc I hate to iron and they're like the broomstick skirts of days gone by, ya, wrinkly. But maybe if I cropped them the wrinkles would work...

  3. Love how those turned out. Man I need to figure out how to work that sewing machine I insisted on getting for Christmas. But that would require actually learning what a bobbin is, and I prefer to just make that one up. :)

  4. Thanks for posting this. I've been trying to take in some pants and this will help!



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